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Chess Variant Programs



  • Alterway. Description of program with chess related puzzles.
  • Amazons. Shareware program playing Amazons. By Michael Keller.
  • Ambush. Shareware program based on medieval Rithmomachia game. (Link.)



  • GNU Capablanca's chess: Zip-file. A modification of GNU chess that plays Capablanca's chess (10 by 8 board). Description of the program.
  • Chess 121. Large chess variant with Demo Dos-program.
  • Chess 2000. Link to site where you can download a freeware program that plays the chess variant Chess 2000, and some other programs.
  • Chessbrain Software. The Chess Intelligence series: five programs giving puzzles based on chess. (Link.)
  • Chess Mazes. Description of chess puzzle program, with links to evalutions copies.
  • Chess Miner. Description of chess puzzle program, where you must place mines on the routes of chess pieces.
  • Chesshousers: Review. Review of a commercial computer game program.
  • Chess Variant Construction Kit. Windows utility that allows people to play chess variants via email. By Jim Wickson.
  • Color Chess. Chess variant on board with 39 squares with five different colors. Game with (beta) freeware computer program playing it. By Maarten Bodlaender.
  • Crazy Chess. Shareware program playing Giveaway or Losing Chess. Description by programs author Aleksey Bartashnikov.






  • Hexichess. 3D hexagonal Chess. (Link.)
  • Hexodus. Link to a site where you can download a freeware program called Hexodus that plays hex chess.


  • Insane. Pieces change to random type when they move.






  • N3D-CH (3D-Chess playing program). Freeware program playing Raumschach (3d chess). (Link.)
  • NARF! (Link) A Windows application that allows you to define and play your own board games. Shareware by Gabriel Mendosa.
  • Net Blitz Program for Windows 95/98/NT what can play Bughouse chess variant using Internet connection. By Sebastien Lachance and Yannick Letourneau.
  • NERO and other variants. A freeware chess program with a small variant on a 5 by 5 board, and Diana, and Los Alamos chess. Made by Jari Huikari. You can download these variants:
  • New Chess. Demo program to play several variants on the web. (Link.)
  • N-Knights. Try to put as many or few knights on a chess board. Freeware program. (Link.)
  • N-Queens. Try to put as many or few queens on a chess board. Freeware program. (Link.)



  • Play Chess Variants by email!. Fergus Duniho has written a simple but extremely flexible system for playing just about any chess variant via email!




  • Shakti. Program playing Shakti chess variant on a Macintosh. (Link.)
  • Shogi.
    • Sekita. Shareware shogi program. (Link.) Recommended by Steve Evans.
    • Shocky. Info on Shogi program, also playing Micro-Shogi, Mini-Shogi, Judkin's Shogi, Tori Shogi, and Chess.
    • Shogi software, by Roger Hare. (Link.)
    • Shogi Variant Program. Home page of a freeware program, that allows humans to play shogi and 14 variants of shogi, and has a computer opponent playing several of the variants, up to Wa Shogi on an 11 by 11 board. (Link.)
    • Shogi Software. Phil Holland's page with links to Shogi software, including his program Shogi Variants 4.1.
    • GNU Shogi. Shogi program (for Unix?) (Link, seems to be down.)
  • Sir Bombalot. Shareware program playing Bombalot. (Link.)
  • ShatraDev. A Windows program (95/98/NT) that plays Shatra. Program written by Francis Monkman.
  • Small Chess Several small chess variants programs by Jari Huikari, including Diana, Los Alamos Chess and Half Chess (link).
  • Solo Chess.
  • Speedchess: Small variant playable online (Link.)








  • Zillions-of-Games. Homepage of program playing hundreds of games, including many chess variants and user definable games. (Link.)
  • Zillions-of-Games Chess Variants. Page on the Chess Variant Pages with a review of Zillions-of-Games and downloadable ZRF-files.


Online Games

Chess fonts and Chess DTP


  • Endgame analysis. A computer analysis of endgames with fantasy chess pieces. By Dave McCooey.
  • Luminous Chess. Mac computer program that can be used for playing chess or Grand Chess by two people. (Link.)
  • The Chess Variant Pages Offline Download many of the files at the same time, and read them without being connected to the Internet. Alpha release.
  • Knightstour program. Program that solves the famous knights tour puzzle. (Link.)
  • Pegasus Chess. Add-on for Pegasus email program for playing chess. (Link.)

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