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Top 50 Games on Game Courier

Based on records of finished games on Game Courier, the games listed here have been sorted and ranked based on how many times each has been played here. The number of games played links to the logs of the actual games. The name links to a page with one or more presets for playing the game. In some cases, this will include alternate sets or boards that make use of the same settings file. Since more games have been played on Game Courier than there are official pages for, not every game will be linked to a preset page. You will also find links to settings files you can select for playing the game. These are listed in order of popularity. Since the preset defining a game does not have to include a settings file, and because settings files just weren't used when the earliest presets were made, some games here do not have any. In the rare instance in which a game has no preset page and no settings file, you can still find a preset for it by going to one of the games actually played.

The URL can take the following arguments: sort=rank to sort by rank, sort=alpha to sort alphabetically, min=number to filter out games played fewer than the given number of times, max=number to filter out games ranking above the rank given by the number, and past=number to filter out games finished before the given number of seconds before the present. Default values are sort=rank&min=0&max=0&past=0. For max and past, zero values really mean infinity. When all numeric filters are zero, it will include never-played games to give a complete listing of all games available on Game Courier.

Note that you are going to find here presets with rule-enforcement and others without it, and sometimes both will be available for the same game. Most presets without rule-enforcement will clearly state that they lack it. In case it doesn't, you can tell for sure by clicking the Edit button in a game's menu page and checking whether the code for rule-enforcement is there.

1401Shogi default Japanese-PNG Japanese-CSS Motif-CSS Symbolic
2226Chess with Different Armies Unequal Armies default Knights-Colorbound Colorbound-Rookies Colorbound-Knights FIDE-Rookies Rookies-FIDE Rookies-Colorbound Colorbound-FIDE Colorbound-Rookies_MOM FIDE-Colorbound Knights-Rookies Rookies-Knights Unequal_Armies_GS FIDE-Knights Colorbound Clobberers Knights-FIDE Nutty Knights Knights-FIDEss Remarkable Rookies Colorbound-Knights_MOM Knights FIDE-Colorboundvv FIDE-Colorbounds Knights-Colorboundv FIDE-Knightss Knights-FIDEs FIDE-Knightsss Classic-Rooksversion1 Colorbound-Rookiess Knights-Men Knights-Rooksversion Colorbound-Knightsvv Colorbound-Knightsv
3210Chinese Chess GB-set
4163Janggi default SWAP
5160Chess JPG-Alfaerie default Chess3 CSS-Motif PNG-Magnetic JPG-Alfaeriev
6154Symmetric Chess default
7148Chu Shogi
8147Glinski's Hexagonal Chess default PNG-Magnetic-Earthtones alf PNG-Magnetic-Earthtonesvvv PNG-Alfaerie-nicelooking
9140Fischer Random Chess Abstract Alfaerie special FRC02 FRC01 Abstract2 makov-sissa special-sagi-carlos
10128Cetran Chess 2 asymmetric asym1tourney Asymmetric cetran2 sagi-carlos3 asymmetric to carlos-sagi5 cameron-jeremy Cetran2 reversed_symmetric
11111Ultima Galactic Galacticnocheck
12101Pocket Mutation Chess Alfaerie-fpd mageofmaple greg
1390Eurasian Chess newrules Eurasian
1476Alice Chess MagneticPieces default alf
1574Omega Chess Alfaerie Omega Chess
1673Rococo Alfaerie
1771McCooey's Hexagonal Chess default
1863Shatranj Alfaerie-CSS
1961Universal Chess Alfaeries asymmetric Alfaeries-asymmetric Alfaerie reversed-symmetric73 reversed-symmetric24 Alfaerie40std JM-CC
1961Circular Chess default JPG-Motif 2
2157Latrunculi XXI Set2 Set1 Set9 Set8 Set3 Set4 Set7
2157Grand Chess Abstract
2157Modern Shatranj carrillo Modern_Shatranj carrillo2
2455Falcon Chess Alfaerie
2553Gross Chess default
2650Makruk (Thai chess) Alfaerie2r Alfaerie3 Alfaerie Alfaerie2 Alfaerie4
2749Kamikaze Mortal Shogi Symbolic Japanese-CSS Japanese-PNG
2845Caïssa Britannia default
2845Maorider Chess default Maorider Chess Checkered
2845Capablanca Chess default capa final capa defaultvvv
3143Crazyhouse Galactic
3242Petteia XXI Set7 Set2 Set1 Set9 Set6 Set8 Set4 Set3
3242Shako Cazaux
3540Sac Chess default
3638Dimension X Dimension X
3737Opulent Chess Alfaerie NoRules
3737Anti-King Chess II Alfaerie
3936Moderate Progressive Chess default Silver-Gifford
4035Catapults of Troy
4133Maxima Galactic
4133Wildebeest Chess default Wildebeest Chess Wildebeest Chess with rules Wildebeest
4133Glinski's Hexagonal Chess (Symmetric) Default
4133Colossus Quad rules
4532Seirawan Chess Seirawan Chess seirawan(big) seirawan2(big)
4630Great Shatranj Great Shatranj D Great Shatranj R
4630Euchess Euchess
4829shako_balbo default standard
4829Pocket Shogi Copper default
4829Berolina Chess Alfaerie Chess3
Total Variants Listed: 50
Total Games Played: 3873

Written by Fergus Duniho
WWW Page Created: 07 April 2015