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Omega Chess Preset for Game Courier

Here is a preset for playing Daniel McDonald's Omega Chess by online correspondence with the use of Game Courier. This is a new preset written in February, 2024. Like the previous one, it will display legal moves, enforce legal piece movement, and spot check, checkmate, stalemate, three-times repetition, and the passage of 50 turns without moving a Pawn or capturing a piece. Unlike the previous one, it uses the fairychess include file, which is more up-to-date, featured, and bug-free than the one it previously used, and it renders as CSS rather than as a JPG so that it can take advantage of the new ability to view previous moves without loading a new page. Click on one of the images for the preset with the graphics you prefer.

Omega Chess Omega Chess

Written by Fergus Duniho
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