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Game Courier Open Invitations

This page currently lists open invitations for games people want to play online with Game Courier, a versatile web-based play-by-mail system that currently supports over 1100 Chess variants. These invitations are not directed to anyone in particular, and anyone is welcome to accept one. To accept an invitation, click on the Anyone link for the game, fill out and submit the form for accepting the invitation, then routinely come back here to play. To find out how to issue your own invitations, read the User's Guide. You may use this same page to view logs of ongoing and finished games. Just change the Status Filter in the form below.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Marseillais Chesslowcarbknight-cvgameroom-2020-265-65620' 47" ago Francisco MagalhãesAnyone
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2020-265-06414 hours 33' ago dax00Anyone
Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-1762 days, 11 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Opulent Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-1742 days, 11 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-1722 days, 11 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-1702 days, 11 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-1682 days, 12 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Petteia XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-262-4473 days, 5 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Shakoper31-cvgameroom-2020-262-3133 days, 8 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Fugue Rococo with Edgehog...sxg-cvgameroom-2020-261-6594 days, 0 hours ago Oisín D.Anyone
Dragonchesssxg-cvgameroom-2020-260-7554 days, 21 hours ago Oisín D.Anyone
Desert Pub Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2020-260-7474 days, 22 hours ago Oisín D.Anyone
10-directional Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2020-254-60311 days, 1 hour ago Oisín D.Anyone


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Filtering by Userid

If you enter a userid, it will list only those games in which that id identifies one of the players. Under the Next Move for column, for each game in which it is that user's turn to move, it will include a link for him to go to the PBM and make his next move. If a given user is playing any games that are not open to public view, he will need to enter his password to view these games on this page. If all your games are publicly viewable, then you don't need to include your password on this page.

How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

Written by Fergus Duniho
WWW Page Created: 21 July 2017