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Checkmating Applet

This page allows you to practice your technique for checkmating a bare King. Just move a piece of the side you want to play with, and the computer will reply with the best move for the other player.

graphicsDir=/membergraphics/MSelven-chess/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=png squareSize=35 useMarkers=1 enableAI=0 symmetry=none promoZone=0 maxPromote=0 Fairy piece:X:K:marshall:a1 King::K:king:b2,,d4

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For trying other board sizes (upto 16 x 16):
Files: Ranks:
Type of board:

Rule variations:

Design your own piece

In the pane below you can define moves of a piece by clicking the squares it should be allowed to move to. First click defines a leaper move to the square. A second click would convert this to a slider/rider move that repeats that step/leap. A third click would remove the move again.

To limit the range of a slider you can click the first square along its path that it should not be able to reach. Clicking on the piece takes away all its moves, and thus clears the entire pane. After you are satisfied with the move, you can press the 'Design Ready' button to play with the piece that moves this way.

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By H. G. Muller.
Web page created: 2018-12-23. Web page last updated: 2018-12-23