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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Different Pawns Random Ch...makov333-cvgameroom-2020-85-7608' 37" ago pallab basuVitya Makov
Little River Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2020-85-0689' 9" ago pallab basuVitya Makov
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2020-85-3149' 33" ago pallab basuKevin Pacey
Opulent Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2020-89-0361 hour 54' ago Greg StrongAurelian Florea
Gross Chesscatugo-cvgameroom-2020-87-2491 hour 56' ago Greg StrongAurelian Florea
Heavy Gravity Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2020-85-0592 hours 21' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Euchesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-86-1962 hours 37' ago Vitya MakovCarlos Cetina
Chess with Different Armiescatugo-cvgameroom-2020-94-6752 hours 49' ago Vitya MakovAurelian Florea
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...makov333-cvgameroom-2020-85-5372 hours 52' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Chigorin Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2020-85-7052 hours 56' ago Vitya Makovspip
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...makov333-cvgameroom-2020-94-5232 hours 59' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Janggitamandua-ramalam-2020-52-0685 hours 21' ago Francis Fahysdarren paull
Futashikana Shogitamandua-cvgameroom-2020-60-0755 hours 28' ago Francis FahysAurelian Florea
Shogitamandua-cvgameroom-2020-74-9615 hours 36' ago Francis FahysAurelian Florea
Backlashpanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-2365 hours 37' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Judkin's Shogilunaris-cvgameroom-2020-72-7385 hours 37' ago wdtr2Armin Liebhart
Maximapanther-cvgameroom-2020-85-3185 hours 40' ago Francis FahysKevin Pacey
Ultimapanther-cvgameroom-2020-85-3155 hours 46' ago Francis FahysKevin Pacey
Chu Shogilunaris-catugo-2020-30-7336 hours 0' ago Aurelian FloreaArmin Liebhart
Eurasian Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-40-4306 hours 15' ago Armin LiebhartKevin Pacey
Euchesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-80-6209 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaDaniel Zacharias
Euchesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-85-2719 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Euchesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-85-2729 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-82-7239 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-82-7229 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-85-3099 hours 31' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-85-3109 hours 32' ago Carlos CetinaKevin Pacey
Shatranjtorben-cvgameroom-2020-84-15617 hours 58' ago spipKevin Pacey
Glinski's Hexagonal Chessarx-cvgameroom-2020-83-25118 hours 22' ago Daniel ZachariasKevin Pacey
Opulent Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-23319 hours 0' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Grand Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-24119 hours 0' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Metamachysol710-cvgameroom-2020-95-05919 hours 8' ago Aurelian FloreaSolomon Salama
Chess with Different Armiescatugo-cvgameroom-2020-94-67419 hours 10' ago Aurelian FloreaSolomon Salama
McCooey's Hexagonal Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-23220 hours 18' ago Kevin Paceydarren paull
Chess with Different Armiespanther-cvgameroom-2020-42-12420 hours 51' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Pocket Shogi Copperwdtr2-sharkast-2020-91-72823 hours 34' ago wdtr2sharkast
Gross Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-2401 day, 18 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Hexajedrezpanther-cvgameroom-2020-96-2311 day, 19 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Metamachyarx-cvgameroom-2020-61-3811 day, 22 hours ago Daniel Zachariasper hommerberg
Symmetric Chessper31-cvgameroom-2020-74-8802 days, 8 hours ago Carlos Cetinaper hommerberg
Shogiper31-cvgameroom-2020-65-8792 days, 14 hours ago Thor Slavenskyper hommerberg
Chu Shogicatugo-dax00-2020-94-4403 days, 14 hours ago Aurelian Floreadax00
Chu Shogicatugo-dax00-2020-94-4393 days, 14 hours ago Aurelian Floreadax00
Tamerlane Chessancog-cvgameroom-2020-73-8603 days, 14 hours ago Aurelian FloreaAnders Gustafson
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2020-93-5694 days, 11 hours ago dax00Anyone
Cheskersronnie-cvgameroom-2020-90-8586 days, 9 hours ago Vitya MakovRonnie O'Sullivan


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Filtering by Userid

If you enter a userid, it will list only those games in which that id identifies one of the players. Under the Next Move for column, for each game in which it is that user's turn to move, it will include a link for him to go to the PBM and make his next move. If a given user is playing any games that are not open to public view, he will need to enter his password to view these games on this page. If all your games are publicly viewable, then you don't need to include your password on this page.

How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

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