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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Apothecary Chess-Moderncatugo-cvgameroom-2020-313-4761' 30" ago Aurelian FloreaOisín D.
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2020-309-3372' 38" ago dax00Daniel Zacharias
shako_balboarx-cvgameroom-2020-324-0002' 53" ago Daniel ZachariasМитя Стрелецкий
Expanded Chessarx-cvgameroom-2020-323-8144' 3" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Metamachyarx-cvgameroom-2020-316-8765' 47" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Modern Chesssocrat83-cvgameroom-2020-324-7537' 12" ago Митя Стрелецкийper hommerberg
Omega Chesssocrat83-cvgameroom-2020-311-67111' 36" ago Митя Стрелецкийper hommerberg
Makruk (Thai chess)sacredchao-cvgameroom-2020-317-95112' 34" ago Митя СтрелецкийJarid Carlson
Shatranjpanther-cvgameroom-2020-323-35013' 41" ago Митя СтрелецкийKevin Pacey
Amazon Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2020-297-75413' 45" ago Oisín D.Vitya Makov
Apothecary Chess-Moderncatugo-cvgameroom-2020-313-47726' 16" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Apothecary Chess-Classiccatugo-cvgameroom-2020-316-34228' 9" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Chess 9x9makov333-cvgameroom-2020-323-58648' 5" ago Vitya MakovJarid Carlson
Petteia XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-304-7822 hours 14' ago Dmytro Polovinkinper hommerberg
Circular Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-313-7813 hours 49' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Embassy Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-307-1803 hours 52' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Chess with Different Armiespanther-cvgameroom-2020-313-7853 hours 57' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Berolina Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-307-1813 hours 59' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Fischer Random Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-279-2344 hours 8' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Caïssa Britanniacatugo-cvgameroom-2020-318-5894 hours 30' ago Aurelian Floreawdtr2
Crazyhousepanther-cvgameroom-2020-313-7817 hours 10' ago per hommerbergKevin Pacey
Unicorn Great Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-323-3437 hours 42' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Gross Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-313-7827 hours 42' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2020-323-3487 hours 43' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...panther-cvgameroom-2020-323-34710 hours 20' ago Daniel ZachariasKevin Pacey
Secutor Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-323-34510 hours 26' ago Jarid CarlsonKevin Pacey
Heavy Gravity Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-317-80010 hours 28' ago Jarid CarlsonKevin Pacey
Annular Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-326-72011 hours 33' ago Daniel ZachariasCarlos Cetina
Eurasian Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-307-18613 hours 17' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-245-15713 hours 26' ago Kevin PaceyOisín D.
Courier Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-249-14513 hours 27' ago Kevin PaceyOisín D.
Opulent Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-263-17413 hours 29' ago Kevin PaceyOisín D.
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-231-15213 hours 33' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-244-64213 hours 37' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Annular Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-325-88713 hours 37' ago wdtr2Carlos Cetina
Heavy Gravity Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2020-304-52918 hours 59' ago Daniel ZachariasVitya Makov
Desert Pub Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2020-260-74719 hours 17' ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Maces and Horse-apultsarx-cvgameroom-2020-300-25119 hours 28' ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Petteia - Dmytro Variationper31-cvgameroom-2020-327-86920 hours 25' ago per hommerbergAnyone
Gigachesssocrat83-cvgameroom-2020-305-6781 day, 0 hours ago Митя СтрелецкийOisín D.
Modern Shatranjsocrat83-cvgameroom-2020-304-7161 day, 0 hours ago Митя СтрелецкийOisín D.
Colossusboukine-cvgameroom-2020-322-0221 day, 0 hours ago Митя Стрелецкийboukine
UC-40sissa-cvgameroom-2020-232-2261 day, 0 hours ago Carlos CetinaOisín D.
Al-Cessocrat83-cvgameroom-2020-327-2121 day, 12 hours ago Митя СтрелецкийAnyone
Modern Chinese Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2020-327-0451 day, 16 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Expanded Chesssissa-arx-2020-326-7202 days, 0 hours ago Carlos CetinaDaniel Zacharias
Expanded Chesssissa-arx-2020-246-1162 days, 21 hours ago Carlos CetinaDaniel Zacharias
Citadel chess - Shatranj ...socrat83-cvgameroom-2020-325-7342 days, 23 hours ago Митя СтрелецкийAnyone
Full house hexagonal chessarx-cvgameroom-2020-325-0543 days, 15 hours ago Daniel ZachariasAnyone
UC-170-17sissa-cvgameroom-2020-239-7784 days, 20 hours ago Carlos CetinaOisín D.
Petteia XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-293-4934 days, 20 hours ago per hommerbergOisín D.
Different Pawns Random Ch...makov333-cvgameroom-2020-323-5885 days, 3 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Raumschach with Rules Enf...panther-cvgameroom-2020-323-3465 days, 8 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Latrunculi XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-322-8815 days, 20 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Petteia XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-322-8815 days, 20 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Single Stone Latrunculi XXIper31-cvgameroom-2020-322-8815 days, 20 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone


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How to Delete a Log

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