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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Chinese Chesstamandua-ramalam-2018-217-49257' 19" ago Francis Fahysdarren paull
Shogitamandua-ramalam-2018-217-4931 hour 0' ago Francis Fahysdarren paull
Maximatamandua-cvgameroom-2018-246-7631 hour 5' ago Francis FahysKevin Pacey
Chinese Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2111 hour 58' ago Peter PuhaKevin Pacey
Janggishift2shift-cvgameroom-2018-237-8772 hours 0' ago Peter PuhaHomo Simia
Extinction Chesskrinid-titusledbetter-2018-191-7982 hours 37' ago Zac SparxGreg Strong
Modern Shatranjpanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2202 hours 52' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...panther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2072 hours 55' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Fischer Random Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2132 hours 58' ago Vitya MakovKevin Pacey
Wildebeest Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2018-243-4923 hours 0' ago Vitya MakovСергей Бугаевский
Chess with Different Armiespallab-cvgameroom-2018-259-9753 hours 3' ago Vitya Makovpallab basu
Shatranjneuropyramidal-cvgameroom-2018-257-6973 hours 22' ago Greg MyersJarid Carlson
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-248-6003 hours 25' ago Carlos Cetinawdtr2
Chess with Terraindax00-cvgameroom-2018-258-2454 hours 21' ago dax00wdtr2
Pocket Shogi Copperpanther-catugo-2018-248-2014 hours 39' ago Kevin PaceyAurelian Florea
Pocket Shogi Copperpanther-catugo-2018-248-2044 hours 41' ago Kevin PaceyAurelian Florea
Circular Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2154 hours 46' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-244-5224 hours 48' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-234-6864 hours 49' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2214 hours 50' ago Kevin PaceyСергей Бугаевский
Crazyhousepanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2054 hours 57' ago Kevin PaceyСергей Бугаевский
Courier Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-249-0824 hours 59' ago Kevin PaceyСергей Бугаевский
Gross Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2165 hours 3' ago Kevin PaceyGreg Strong
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-241-5646 hours 11' ago Carlos CetinaСергей Бугаевский
Tamerlane Chessneuropyramidal-cvgameroom-2018-257-2476 hours 28' ago Greg MyersСергей Бугаевский
Shatranjipanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-2256 hours 40' ago Сергей БугаевскийKevin Pacey
Unicorn Great Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2018-257-1817 hours 1' ago Сергей БугаевскийGreg Strong
Pocket Mutation Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2018-244-2047 hours 1' ago Сергей БугаевскийGreg Strong
EIGHT-STONE CHESScatugo-cvgameroom-2018-179-6329 hours 34' ago George DukeAurelian Florea
Chu Shogicatugo-cvgameroom-2018-258-70310 hours 48' ago dax00Aurelian Florea
Chu Shogicatugo-dax00-2018-258-69910 hours 49' ago dax00Aurelian Florea
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-248-59912 hours 59' ago Carlos CetinaAurelian Florea
Tamerlane Chessneuropyramidal-cvgameroom-2018-257-73516 hours 10' ago Greg MyersAurelian Florea
ExCoCo Chesscatugo-cvgameroom-2018-102-43316 hours 16' ago Aurelian Floreaarx
Chu Shogisxg-catugo-2018-231-81416 hours 20' ago Aurelian Floreasxg
Opulent Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2018-257-17917 hours 40' ago Jarid CarlsonGreg Strong
Eurasian Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2018-248-21919 hours 31' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Capablanca Random Chessboukine-cvgameroom-2018-258-7881 day, 1 hour ago boukineGreg Strong
Capablanca Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-231-8191 day, 6 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Gross Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-231-8171 day, 6 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Sac Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-231-8181 day, 6 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Sac Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-5981 day, 7 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Omega Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-5881 day, 7 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
TenCubed Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-7021 day, 7 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Brouhahamageofmaple-cvgameroom-2018-244-2051 day, 7 hours ago Сергей БугаевскийGreg Strong
Gigachesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-246-8221 day, 7 hours ago Сергей Бугаевскийsxg
Chinese Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-5861 day, 8 hours ago Homo Simiasxg
Maorider Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-259-9341 day, 11 hours ago Vitya Makovsxg
Grand Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-246-8211 day, 14 hours ago Peter Puhasxg
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-230-5291 day, 20 hours ago Carlos Cetinasxg
Shogisxg-cvgameroom-2018-231-8181 day, 21 hours ago Francis Fahyssxg
Chess with Different Armiespallab-makov333-2018-259-9801 day, 22 hours ago pallab basuVitya Makov
Shogimgawalangmagawa-cvgameroom-2018-215-3851 day, 23 hours ago Greg StrongJenard Cabilao
Victorian Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-5871 day, 23 hours ago Greg Strongsxg
Chess with Different Armiessxg-cvgameroom-2018-231-8191 day, 23 hours ago pallab basusxg
Chess with Different Armiessxg-cvgameroom-2018-235-7121 day, 23 hours ago pallab basusxg
Chess with Different Armiessxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-5861 day, 23 hours ago Greg Strongsxg
Opulent Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2018-245-1421 day, 23 hours ago Greg Strongsxg
Shogimgawalangmagawa-cvgameroom-2018-130-2591 day, 23 hours ago sxgJenard Cabilao
Eurasian Chessper31-cvgameroom-2018-235-5521 day, 23 hours ago sxgper hommerberg
Omega Chessper31-cvgameroom-2018-237-3562 days, 0 hours ago sxgper hommerberg
Omega Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-7042 days, 0 hours ago sxgJenard Cabilao
Shogimgawalangmagawa-cvgameroom-2018-193-5132 days, 11 hours ago wdtr2Jenard Cabilao
Double GOmovejoejoyce-freact-2018-228-1883 days, 3 hours ago Joe Joycefreact
GOmove21joejoyce-freact-2018-228-1813 days, 4 hours ago Joe Joycefreact
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2018-258-6433 days, 6 hours ago Carlos CetinaAnyone
X Chess 2dax00-cvgameroom-2018-258-2443 days, 16 hours ago dax00Anyone
Tamerlane Chessfrontalis-neuropyramidal-2018-257-0013 days, 21 hours ago Greg Myersfrontalis
Tamerlane Chessneuropyramidal-tamerlane-2018-257-8854 days, 0 hours ago Greg MyersGreg Meyers
Tamerlane Chessneuropyramidal-cvgameroom-2018-257-6994 days, 5 hours ago Greg MyersAnyone
Chu Shogievertvb-cvgameroom-2018-257-4364 days, 11 hours ago dax00Evert Karman
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2018-256-7255 days, 4 hours ago dax00Anyone
Sac Chesssxg-cvgameroom-2018-233-7015 days, 11 hours ago sxgper hommerberg
Symmetric Chessper31-cvgameroom-2018-247-5326 days, 15 hours ago Play Testerper hommerberg


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Filtering by Userid

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How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

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