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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-25-07028' 21" ago Carlos CetinaAnyone
Shogitamandua-ramalam-2019-335-01428' 58" ago darren paullFrancis Fahys
Symmetric Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2020-25-06929' 42" ago Carlos CetinaAnyone
Janggitamandua-cvgameroom-2020-4-88230' 52" ago darren paullFrancis Fahys
Glinski's Hexagonal Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-12-83233' 14" ago darren paullKevin Pacey
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2020-24-0391 hour 12' ago dax00Anyone
Maximatamandua-cvgameroom-2020-24-9982 hours 11' ago Francis FahysAnyone
Ultimatamandua-cvgameroom-2020-24-9962 hours 14' ago Francis FahysAnyone
TenCubed Chessmageofmaple-cvgameroom-2020-23-1865 hours 50' ago Greg StrongAurelian Florea
Gocatugo-cvgameroom-2020-18-6465 hours 55' ago Greg StrongAurelian Florea
Hectochesssissa-mageofmaple-2019-362-8236 hours 46' ago Carlos CetinaGreg Strong
shako_balbobigjohn-cvgameroom-2020-14-8797 hours 44' ago Thor SlavenskyJohn Gallant
Jester Chessslavensky-cvgameroom-2020-2-5377 hours 46' ago Thor SlavenskyJohn Gallant
Chess with Different Armiespallab-panther-2020-19-38812 hours 46' ago pallab basuKevin Pacey
Modern Shatranjpanther-cvgameroom-2020-16-22813 hours 36' ago pallab basuKevin Pacey
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2020-13-22617 hours 18' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Wildebeest Decimal Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-16-23117 hours 18' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Hannibal Chesspanther-catugo-2020-16-33417 hours 19' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Waffle Chesspanther-catugo-2020-15-15117 hours 20' ago Aurelian FloreaKevin Pacey
Symmetric ChessChessShogi-panther-2019-362-82118 hours 46' ago Kevin PaceyAdam DeWitt
Metamachypanther-mageofmaple-2019-362-81818 hours 47' ago Kevin PaceyGreg Strong
Grand Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2020-16-24118 hours 52' ago Kevin PaceyArmin Liebhart
Capablanca Random Chessper31-cvgameroom-2020-0-89518 hours 52' ago Kevin Paceyper hommerberg
Shogiper31-cvgameroom-2020-0-89818 hours 53' ago Kevin Paceyper hommerberg
Metamachywdtr2-sissa-2019-362-81621 hours 25' ago Carlos Cetinawdtr2
Pocket Shogi Copperwdtr2-lunaris-2019-321-0731 day, 1 hour ago wdtr2Armin Liebhart
MetamachyChessShogi-dax00-2019-362-8181 day, 5 hours ago dax00Adam DeWitt
Chu Shogicatugo-cvgameroom-2019-348-5501 day, 7 hours ago Aurelian FloreaArmin Liebhart
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2019-306-0941 day, 8 hours ago dax00Armin Liebhart
Grand Chessper31-cvgameroom-2019-362-8621 day, 9 hours ago Armin Liebhartper hommerberg
Minishogiper31-cvgameroom-2019-361-8501 day, 9 hours ago Armin Liebhartper hommerberg
Symmetric Chessper31-cvgameroom-2020-0-8431 day, 16 hours ago Carlos Cetinaper hommerberg
Tamerlane Chessliberty-cvgameroom-2020-17-1621 day, 19 hours ago Aurelian FloreaErin Pangborn
Capablanca Chesstrtztrtz-cvgameroom-2019-82-7231 day, 21 hours ago Kevin Paceytrtztrtz gfgh
Embassy Chessper31-cvgameroom-2019-350-3952 days, 4 hours ago per hommerbergСергей Маэстро
Courier Spielslavensky-cvgameroom-2020-5-6032 days, 6 hours ago Thor SlavenskyJohn Gallant
Caïssa Britannianapoleonicsauron-a119-2020-20-1192 days, 18 hours ago Erick HoegbergAnthony Stokes
Raumschach with Rules Enf...glarf3-cvgameroom-2020-22-3192 days, 18 hours ago Dan MacieAnyone
Judkin's Shogilunaris-cvgameroom-2020-19-9695 days, 2 hours ago Armin LiebhartAnyone
McCooey's Hexagonal Chessbigjohn-cvgameroom-2019-302-2745 days, 19 hours ago John Gallantarx
Gocatugo-cvgameroom-2020-18-6476 days, 10 hours ago Aurelian FloreaAnyone
4*Chess (four dimensional...napoleonicsauron-A119-2020-18-1966 days, 21 hours ago Erick HoegbergAnthony Stokes
4*Chess (four dimensional...napoleonicsauron-A119-2020-18-1956 days, 21 hours ago Erick HoegbergAnthony Stokes
Shatranj Kamil Setup 3akremen-cvgameroom-2020-11-4366 days, 22 hours ago ziltoidAlexandr Kremen


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Filtering by Userid

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How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

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