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Link to: Go-Chess (tm)

Chess players, Go players, Internet strategy game players – unite! Try out the new Internet game I invented - Go-Chess.

It’s free, it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s self-explanatory. Just check out

It’s Somewhat Like Chess

Go-Chess uses standard chess pieces that move almost as in chess, but…

  • There are no standard opening move sequences to memorize, so a newer player doesn’t automatically lose to an experienced player. That’s because every board is different, with randomly selected squares blocked off.
  • In Go-Chess, White has no opening move advantage. Neither player does. That’s because the opening move advantage is fought for, before the play starts, during a piece placement phase that’s the "Go" part.

And a Little Like Go

  • Like Go, there are no pieces on the board at the beginning. You place them. There’s not even a first player advantage in this phase, because the two players choose positions for each piece simultaneously – and the Internet doesn’t let either player see his opponent’s choice until both have committed. Choose the same square and you both have to make another choice.
  • There’s no directionality to the board, no home side. Place your pieces wherever you’d like, in order from pawns to kings. Then move in any direction (even pawns).

Go-Chess is just what you want in a strategy game – easy to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Interested? Just go to the site and read up on the rules, get an opponent to log in at the same time (like me for example, some evening soon!), and start playing. It’s completely free and no password is needed. I just ask one thing – use the "feedback" button! Let me know what you think of the game, any bugs that you find (it’s a brand new site), and whatever comments you have. Thanks, and enjoy!

Jim Callan

(408) 399-1883

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Go-Chess (tm):

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Posted by David Howe.
Web page created on: 13 Apr 2001. Last modified on: 30 Jan 2002.