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Andy Kurnia's PBM Server

To play games by e-mail, try Andy Kurnia's server. Send a blank e-mail:
To: (email removed contact us for address)
Subject: help
The server supports several chess variants as well as some other games; the list June 1998 contained: AlmostChess; AmazonChess; Chess; ChineseCheckers; ChuShogi; DarkChess; DoubleMoveChess; ExtinctionChess; Fanorona; Gess; GreatChess; Joust; KnightMate; KnightsBridge; Kriegspiel; LosingChess; MiniShogi; ProgressiveChess; ProgressiveChuShogi; ProgressiveShogi; RennChess; RifleChess; Shogi; ToriShogi; Wari; YariShogi.

Information on other play by e-mail servers can be found here.

If you are looking for real-time chess games, try telnet 5000 or other servers.

Written by Andy Kurnia.
WWW page created: May 19, 1998. Last modified: June 3, 1998.