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Link to: Shogi Variants

Steve Evans has designed a program to play shogi variants against humans and against a computer opponent. In November 1997, his program allows to play fifteen different variants of Shogi, and a computer opponent plays the variants up to Dai Shogi (on an 15 by 15 board), and Dai-Dai Shogi (on a 17 by 17 board). The program is freeware, and can be downloaded from the website of Steve Evans.

The program is well designed. When choosing a piece, the program highlights all squares the piece can move to. Rules for each of the variants are given in detail, with clear diagrams for each of the pieces moves.


The largest of the Shogi variants feature pieces that are spiritual beings from Buddhist religion, specifically demons, devils and spirits. Some people (like me (HB)) find games with this kind of pieces objectionable.

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