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ItsYourTurn.Com is our sponsor for the months of April and May 2000. This is a great chess variant site, so please do check it out, and have some fun!

Link to: ItsYourTurn.Com

ItsYourTurn.Com is a turn-based gaming web site, where you enter moves when it's convenient for you. Turn-based gaming is similar to playing by email, but instead of emailing text moves, you enter your moves via your browser (point and click on the pieces). You can move as quickly or as slowly as you like-- the game stays on the server forever. You will be notified by email when it's your turn to move.

On the website, you can play chess, six variants of chess, and several other games. The variants of chess are Extinction, Screen, Crazy Screen, King's Corner, King's Fortress, and Xiangqi.


The following is from an email we received from Tom Buhrman:
We now offer 6 chess variations:
  • Chinese Chess
  • King's Corner Chess
  • King's Fortress Chess
  • Extinction Chess
  • Screen Chess
  • Crazy Screen Chess

We also have a handful of other Chess Variants in development. We hold tournaments for all of our variants, and we also offer several non-chess board games and variations. We currently have 90,000 registered users and include different ways for a new user to find an opponent.

Visitors to your site might appreciate knowing about, so I invite you to visit our site and try playing a Chess Variant.


Additional variants

May 2000, Itsyourturn added three chess variants:
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