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Link to: NetBlitz Chess Program

This is a link to the program, which can play as classic chess, as bughouse chess variant (variant for four players in two chess boards). It is written by Sebastien Lachance and Yannick Letourneau.

Link to home page of NetBlitz Chess II:

This program can be used for play the game on one computer (two human players, no computer opponents). But the best feature of the software is the ability to play using internet connection. From 2 to 4 players can connect to play the match. To do that, they all have to download the software (it is freeware). One of the players becomes server, other (s) become clients and should connect to server. When it is done, the match can start. The program interface looks nice and has all features needed (timing, chat ability, etc.)


This program is all you need if you have three friends who like to play chess together. One difficulty which I has while exploring this software, this is hard to find opponents, if you have no friends ready to play with you. May be it would be good idea to make a message board or something like that so players could find each other.