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Roleigh Martin (email removed contact us for address) send me the following information, on his online BBS magazine, and software for chinese chess, Korean chess, and for making sets for these game.

I have been doing a quarterly online BBS magazine for fidonet and Compuserve for five years (I am currently hunting for an Internet site), called ShareDebate International (email me for a 1 pager copy of an ad I ran in Reason Magazine last year).

For the last 3 quarterly issues, I have focused on Chinese and Korean Chess. Issue 17 provided public domain and freeware/shareware on chinese chess, Issue 18 provided same on Korean chess, and Issue 19, just released, provides software to enable users to create their own, real-life chinese/Korean chess set board and pieces, with the option to have traditional chinese style piece images or western style piece images (this kid requires users to have a printer and paper to create the board, avery laser labels to create the sticky piece images, which can be placed in the center of ordinary red/white/blue plastic poker chips).

The filenames are (chinese chess s/w), (Korean chess s/w), and (board/piece maker s/w for either making a real-life chinese and/or Korean chess game).

They are currently in the "upload" directories on: in the directory, /incoming/software and also on: in the directory (I accidentally placed them in the top upload directory rather than a subdirectory beneath that--once done, I didn't have the security to move them), /pub/chess/uploads

--Roleigh Martin ((email removed contact us for address) are mine not UHC)
The uploads of the software have been moved to:

The files are,,

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