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Link to: Tommy's Toys

Tommy's Toys is a shareware firm, bringing many, many DOS shareware programs on the market. The interfaces are usually entirely character-based. The programs are cheap ($6 each, less if you order several ones at the same time), run also on older computers (but also under e.g., Windows'95), but do not look very fancy.

Among the many programs from Tommy's Toys, there are some that play chess variants:

  1. Tommy's Chess Hockey/Soccer. Chess with a goal, and pieces must slap or kick a ball in the goal of the opponent.
  2. Tommy's Dumb and Dumber Chess. Plays two variants: Dumb Chess, and Dumber Chess; on a smaller board; with Dumber chess having several new pieces. The most recent version also plays Giveaway chess.
  3. Tommy's Mate-Tac-Toe. Crossover between chess and Tic-Tac-Toe.
  4. Tommy's Towers. A huge chess variant on a 50 by 20 board, with several new pieces, and some terrain features. The game allows you to play Tommy's Towers against another human; there is no computer AI.
  5. Tommy's Chess Football.
  6. Tommy's Almost 3d-chess.
  7. Tommy's Alice in Wonderland Chess.
  8. Tommy's Jungle.
  9. Tommy's Cheskers.
  10. Tommy's Martian Chess. (Jetan.)
  11. Tommy's Shogi.
  12. Tommy's Xiang Qi.
  13. Tommy's Poker Chess.
  14. Tommy's Klin Zha.

From the website, one can download shareware versions, and find information how to pay with Telephone Automated Billing Service. (That probably will work only for North-Americans...) The shareware versions have a 1-minute counter that first has to count down before the program starts.

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