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Link to: Chessbrain Software

Aleksey Bartashnikov and Ivan Soroka have made a series of shareware programs, called `Chess and Intelligence'. May 1998, there were five such programs:
  • Alterway. Chess puzzles: White moves and must capture all black pieces without making non-capturing moves.
  • Blindfold. Chess training tool where one must exercise memorization of posistions, etc.
  • Chess miner. Place mines to undermine the computers pieces.
  • Chess Mazes. Chess puzzles: Move your piece to a destination square, but never go across attacked squares.
  • Last Move. Mate in one puzzles and similar puzzles.
Blindfold is a DOS program, while the other four programs run under Windows. More information about these programs can be read at the Bartsoft website, and also an evaluation version of each of the programs can be downloaded at this website.

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