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Link to: Doubles Chess Partnership Ltd

Doubles Chess Partnership, Limited is a company that produces and sells some multiplayer variants of classical games, including Doubles Chess: a version of chess for four persons.

On their WWW site, you can see pictures of the game, get information on ordering the game (around 43 dollars including postage; you can order it online on their WWW site), a text by well-known chess author Larry Evans where he gives a fools mate for the game, a chance to win 2500 dollars, and information about the other two games the company sells.

Also, you find on their site a downloadable game to play Doubles Chess on a personal computer.

Recently, their website address and contents have been changes. One can also play Doubles Chess online.

While these pages do not mention that, the company also ships gives to parts of the world outside of North-America, with a postage rate that is (according to an email I received from the company) pretty good through our DHL courier.

Images used with permission from Doubles Chess. The first image is part of an image, also displaying Doubles Backgammon and Doubles Checkers.
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