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Link to: Omega Chess Program (OCP)

This is a link to a freeware program that you could use for playing Omega Chess.
It is written by Mark de Haan (Netherlands). The software has nice design and very clean and simple (even primitive) interface. There are board with pieces, and three buttons: "one move back", "one move forward" and "return to initial position". Two human players can play Omega Chess using this program. Unfortunately there is no computer-played opponent in the current version of the program. Alternative program you can play Omega Chess is Zillions of Games module (ZRF), but you should buy Zillions to play with it.
Link to the home page of Omega Chess Program:

One note for installing the program.
This program is written using Java language, so you have to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run it. For the first time it may be a bit complicated, though all instructions are on link page. You can download Java Runtime Environment from SUN corporation server. New version of JRE has 12MB of size (the OCP program itself is 23Kb). It takes some time to download and install all this software, though you can use Java Runtime to run any other Java programs (there are some board games, for example scrabble, which are written on Java)
If you are fond of Omega Chess, but because of some reasons do not want to purchase Zillions of games, you should use this program. Good additional feature for this program could be the opportunity to play Omega Chess through Internet, and I wish the author to include this option in following versions of the program. Another improvement (in my opinion)could be a compiled file, so you need not download and install complicated Java Runtime Environment.
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