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Link to: Exotic Chess Applet

This is a link to an applet (the program, which you can play directly in you WEB browser). This applet allows to play numerous chess variants on standard 8x8 chess board. It is written by Ed Friedlander.

Link to home page of Exotic chess applet:

Usage of this applet is very easy. First, you should set up pieces on the board. You have all standard chess pieces and a lot of non-standard pieces like camel, squirel, amazon, etc. Rules about these pieces you can find in applet's page too. When your setup is made, you can start the game. You can play against the computer or against another human player (but not through internet, unfortunately). Computer plays very weak, like 5-years old child, but this is anough to try all non-standard chess variants.

Exotic chess is very amazing chess variant's program, and could be recommended to all Chess Variants players. If Author of the program will add an on-line ability to his program, it could be outstanding thing for everybody, interested in Chess Variants
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