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Hello. This is the 1st variant I have ever made. I made this chess variant after surfing through this website thinking that I could make one. I was motivated to make this by several games in ChessV. I tried to make this at least fun and if I failed, at least I learned something. The 16 part in 16Chess is based on how many squares royal pieces move at most.


files=10 ranks=10 promoChoice=BRKAZUGP graphicsDir=../graphics.dir/alfaerie/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=gif squareSize=54 symmetry=none pawn:W:mfWcfFimfW2:pawn:a3,b3,c3,d3,e3,f3,g3,h3,i3,j3,,a8,b8,c8,d8,e8,f8,g8,h8,i8,j8 bishop:B:B:bishop:c1,h1,,c10,h10 rook:R:R:rook:a1,j1,,a10,j10 knight:K:N0:knight:b1,i1,,b10,i10 man:A:K:paladin:e2,f2,,e9,f9 zebra:Z:J:zebra:b2,i2,,b9,i9 unicorn:U:NL:unicorn:d2,g2,,d9,g9 giraffe:G:FD:giraffe:c2,h2,,c9,h9 phoenix:P:WA:bird2:a2,j2,,a9,j9 queen:Q:W2F2:queen:,:1 cardinal:C:F2N:cardinal1:,:1 marshall:M:W2N:chancellor1:,:1 duke:D:KN:duke:,:1


Pawn Moves as in Chess
Rook Moves as in Chess
Bishop Moves as in Chess
Knight Moves like a Nightrider
Man King but Not Royal
Zebra A (2,3) Leaper
Unicorn Moves like a Knight or a Camel
Giraffe Moves like a Ferz or a Dabbaba
Phoenix Moves like an Alfil or a Wazir
Queen** Moves like a Rook* or a Bishop*
Cardinal** Moves like a Bishop* or a Knight
Marshall** Moves like a Rook* or a Knight
Duke** Moves like a King or a Knight

* - Limited to 2 squares

** - Royal Piece(can't find a better term so)


The Rules are the following

1. Before the game starts, Each player must place their royal pieces in d1, e1, f1, g1 in any order(d10, f10, e10, g10 if you're Black)

2a. The Royals can be captured instead of being checkmated so that means the royal pieces can move into an attacking square but that's silly of course

2b. The Game ends if 2-3 royals are captured

3. You win the game if you bare the royals of the other player(Former Rule: The Game ends if the remaining pieces are royal. The Number of Royals you have left decides the outcome.)

4. No Castling

5. Pawns may not promote into a captured royal piece

The rest are the same as in Chess


As I said in the Introduction, this is the 1st variant I made so I'm allowing criticism(and questions too) :)

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By Zhedric Meneses.
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