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timurthelenk wrote on 2020-11-13 UTC

Of course every creator has the freedom of choosing the names he prefers. So, just for information in case that feedback could be interesting:

  • Why not calling the Knight simply a Nightrider as this is the most used name for this move?
  • The Unicorn is better known as the Gnu or Wildedebeest. Unicorn could refer to something else.
  • The use of Phoenix is very good, that name coming from Chu Shogi. Then, I would suggest to use Kyrin instead of Giraffe for consistency. Giraffe is already used for 4,2 leaper, or for 3,2 leaper, or even in Giraffe Chess (a variant popular nowadays in India) for 3,1 leaper. I know that the Kyrin, a mythical Japanese beast has probably been inspired by the Giraffe, but it looks definitely different as beer amateurs can judge :=)
  • Duke for KN could be replaced by Page, a name proposed by others. Centaur is also used. Duke has been used by others (like Renn chess) for other things.

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