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Atlantean Coffee House Shatranj. Grand Hexagonal Shatranj - the short-range project goes six-sided. (13x13, Cells: 127) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2018-03-06 UTCGood ★★★★

Nice variant, though I fear on average a well played game may be lengthy. Creating a hexagonal shatranj variant was going to be on my fairy chess bucket list, as I thought I might be filling a void one day, but once I saw this game I realized that there was no such void to fill.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2009-10-20 UTCGood ★★★★
Sounds like a fun game. It's nice to see a hex game again. The pieces look powerful. Nice game.

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2009-10-15 UTC

Hi Jeremy, that's fine by me


Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-10-15 UTC
Thanks, Graeme. Well, if it's okay with you, I could just replace your preset with this one.. When playing the actual game, the names of the pieces are abbreviated to single letters identical to those used in the current preset.

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2009-10-14 UTC

I agree the use of the twisted knight for the tusker is not ideal - but they do both begin with t. I'm not sure what to do - there is no other Icon in the set used that is any more appropriate and I do not know how to add a new Icon even if I could design one. I am open to suggestions as how best to proceed

Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-10-14 UTC
I feel just a little bit more strongly now about this: The 'z' on the Tuskers is misleading, since the actual movement of the Tuskers more closely resemble the Bent Shamans.

They should be replaced imnsho.

For those of us who like to play Joe Joyce's Shatranjian series of games in addition to Atlantean Coffee House Shatranj.

The icon you are using should be replaced either by its own symbol (since it is slightly more restricted than a Bent Shaman would be) or by the Bent Shaman piece icons.

Bent Shaman

As someone who is playing your Atlantean Coffeehouse Shatranj right now, I request this of you, Graeme: Replacement of that icon with Bent Shaman or something closely resembling it. The icon you are using is meant to represent the Twisted Knight, as you know, which is immensely more powerful, being able also to make the alfil + alfil or ferz + ferz leaps and not just either or a combination of the two.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2009-05-25 UTC
This game is not what I was expecting which was an analogue to Atlantean Barroom for the Hexagonal board (as explained in the notes, an alternate term name is Grand Hexagonal Shatranj because it is more like Grand Shatranj). It is more conservative, like the Atlanteans who play it. The Tusker appears unique to this game and its movement is not particularly well represented by the 'z' which I associate with the Barroom pieces. It is most similar to the Bent Shaman from Lemurian Shatranj, but more restricted. The purist in me wants to see this elephant represented by a different alfaerie piece, perhaps a new one, not the one with the letter 'z' appended to it. Not terribly necessary but might help.

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