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The new editcomment.php script[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-07-06 UTC

Update of test comment.

Cetran Chess 3[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Thor Slavensky wrote on 2020-06-28 UTC

Great analysis and a fantastic answer to my question. Cetran Chess 3 is a fun game with a lot of strong pieces, and the 12x8 format really makes a challenge, balancing between developing the pieces and protecting the King. It's 'game on' right from the start!

I was asking Carlos, if he had enough compensation from his Queen sacrifice, if Black played 25. ... K l8xl7 26. P k4-k5 (check), K l7-l6 (Alternative 5 in the analysis). However in my inexperience with the Sissa, in my own simple analysis I had moved 27. S j4-k4 (check). The right move here was of course 27. S j4-i3 ! That activates the long-ranging abilities of this interesting piece, which now has control (if unblocked) of the square l7. This forces Black into the last variations in Carlos' analysis, and Black's position is terrible.

Maybe if you could be so smart as to find Carlos' variation  where Black is giving the Griffin up for the white Queen (last illustration) there possibly would be something to continue with, but with the 'heavy artillery' (Amazon and Griffin) being involved in the next couple of moves and Black's extremely weak king-position, I now totally understand and sympathize with Black resigning the game here!

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2020-06-26 UTC

Analysis of the final position of the Cetran Chess 3 game played by Carlos Cetina (White) vs Daniel Zacharias (Black) made to answer a question raised by Thor Slavensky.

Cetina vs Zacharias

Black to move. 25th turn. Black's King is double-checked. White's Sissa checks via j4-j6-l8. Then 25. ... Kxl7 is forced. After 26.k6+ arises the following position.

CC vs DZ (1)

Black has 5 alternatives:

1) 26. ... Kk7 27.l6#

CC vs DZ (2)

2) 26. ... jxk6 27.lxk6+ Kk7 27.DKl7#

CC vs DZ (3)

3) 26. ... Sxk6 27.lxk6+ Kk7 28.DKl7+ Kj8 29.DKxj7#

CC vs DZ (4)

4) 26. ... GRYxk6 27.lxk6+ Kk7 28.DKl7#

CC vs DZ (5)

5) 26. ... Kl6 27.Sl3+ giving check via l3-i3-l6 

CC vs DZ (6)

Now Black has 2 alternatives: (A) 27. ... Kk7 and (B) 27. ... GRYj4 [obstructing the checking path].

If (A) 27. ... Kk7, then 28.l6+   

CC vs DZ (7)

Now Black has 2 possible moves: (A1) 28. ... Kxk6 and (A2) 28. ... Kl8.

Let's see A1 in detail move by move. 28. ... Kxk6 29.DKk1+

CC vs DZ (8)

The White's Sissa from l3 controls l7 (via l3-h3-l7), l6 (via l3-i3-l6) and l5 (via l3-j3-l5). Then 29. ... Kj5 [forced] 30.Sk5+

CC vs DZ (9) 

Now the Sissa from k5 controls i6 (k5-j6-i6), i5 (k5-i3-i5 or k5-k3-i5 or k5-k7-i5) and k6 (k5-l5-k6 or k5-j6-k6). Then 30. ... Kj4 [forced] 31.DKk4#

CC vs DZ (10)

Sissa and Dragon King defend each other.

Now let's see the A2 alternative 28. ... Kl8 29.k7+

CC vs DZ (11)

29. ... AANxk7 [forced because the White's Sissa controls l7 via l3-h3-l7] 30.lxk7+ Kxk7

CC vs DZ (12)

At this point it is not clear whether or not White has any decisive advantage. To continue attacking it needs to move its Gryphon to g2 so that the Amazon can join the fight and the Aanca from c1 can also do it later. Maybe Black could rearrange his defense starting with Gryphon k6.

Returning to the position after 26. ... Kl6 27.Sl3+

CC vs DZ (6)

The B alternative, 27. ... GRYj4, could be replied with 28.Sxj4 and if 28. ... AANxi5 then 29.DKk1.

CC vs DZ (13)

Again, it is not clear that White has any decisive advantage. However I think White has enough compensation for the Queen. The fight continues and "the coin is in the air".


[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Davor Vujacic wrote on 2020-06-02 UTC

Who can publish my remaining two articles?


waffle chess preset[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-05-04 UTC


I has passed that stage, and now I have some tests to do. Thanks for your help!...

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-05-04 UTC

If that manadatory or "else : if" if fine too?

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-05-03 UTC

On line 30, you have "else if" instead of "elseif".

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-05-03 UTC

Silly me.

I had solved that problem, and some loose endifs problem but now I get the error:

The include command may not be used except at the main level.

I am not sure why because to me it seems all right to put the include command there.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-05-03 UTC

Each line should end with a colon or semicolon, but some lines are unterminated.

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-05-03 UTC

Hei Fergus,

I see you are quite busy these days but if you can find some time to look over my code for waffle chess:

I'd appreciate. It has to use free castling. I managed to delete the 2 moves of the king besides him for the first move because they are ambiguous (they can be regular king moves or castling moves) so I treat them separately. I get the error you can see when you click the link, and I think that it comes from doing something wrong with current moves vs future moves.

Thanks for your time.

Question on Legal moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-04-26 UTC

Hello, I am trying to make a game that has 2 royals.  setlegal seems to be the CV php command to add legal moves.  If you are looking through your standard programs that you have made i.e. "legal moves section", setlegal works great.   Let's say you completed your loop.   After you complete the loop you discover your 2nd royal is in check.  I want to clear out all legal moves and re-calculate.   Can you clear or unset the legal moves you set in setlegal a few milliseconds ago?  i.e. unset $legalmoves?

FrogsandPrincess[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-04-19 UTC

You can't paste images and expect them to show up on the site. You have to upload them to the site and use the correct URL in an IMG tag.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-04-18 UTC

I just attempted to put in rules for my new game.

In the past with other rules, I did a cut and paste from mspaint.  With this submission, the png appears, but when I hit the submit button, and then check it, the image is not there.   Is that OK?

The paste is in the setup section of the rules.

Possible issue on Shogi Drop[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-03-30 UTC

I had added the ability to enter moves backwards, but I hadn't taken into consideration that it also had to work with drops. I have now fixed that.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-03-30 UTC

If you pull up the shogi game, and play against yourself (2 people on same computer).  Eventually you will capture a piece and it will go into your pending drop box.  If you try to drop a piece via a mouse click,

p* <mouse_click_location_on_board>

It does not work for me.  Fergus, can you try a drop piece move and see if it works for you?

Note: if you put the command in the moves: textbox, (manual) it will work.



2019 Variant tournament[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-03-28 UTC

This is more of a question for Greg.  How did the 2019 Tournament go?  Who was the winner?

Never mind, I see the comment below. :)

Question on PHP Engine or change on legal moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-03-27 UTC

Okay, that's now fixed. Thanks for reminding me how it was supposed to work.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-03-27 UTC

Hi, your bug fix helped, but I am being really fussy now!  A pop-up comes up in CONFIRM MODE saying "Showing Legal moves for <piece> you cannot actually move in view or preview mode Click OK to hide legal moves.  In certain situations a checkbox comes up saying "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs."   If you click that  checkbox - Legal moves (on your enemy pieces) appears to me to get completely disabled."  

No, I do not want that. 

In the past, I was able in confirm mode to click several enemy pieces and see the enemy piece moves without the pop-up.    

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-03-26 UTC

Thanks for mentioning that. I had forgotten about this ability, and I inadvertently introduced a bug that got rid of it. I have now restored it.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-03-26 UTC

Something changed maybe about 2 to 4 weeks ago.  Let's say we have a game that shows legal moves.  I am on the white side, and it is my turn.  When I click a piece I get a gray square and blue squares that show legal moves.   Great.  I now move my piece.  I am now ready to confirm.  In the past, I could click on a black piece and see it's legal moves before I hit the confirm button.  This ability has disappered.  (maybe on purpose?).   

Match between Fairy Max and ChessV[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-03-06 UTC



It works up to a certain point, this beeing the moment when you click fairy max in the engines list. There it shows that it can play frog, hannibal and waffle. But in the menu before starting the respective games it fails to offer the fairymax choice. I have also tried batch mode with a control file, and it did not work. Thanks for the help so far!...

Greg Strong wrote on 2020-03-05 UTC

Thinking about it now, ChessV only determines the capabilities of an engine when it first sees it.  If ChessV had already discovered Fariy-Max and then you add support for Frog Chess, it won't know.

Click the Engines button on the main screen.  Select Fairy-Max and click Remove.  This does not delete any files.  If you have MaxQi and ShaMax in the list, you will need to select and remove those as well (because they are in the same folder.)

Then close ChessV and run it again.  It will re-discover the engines in that folder.  It should then show up.  You can click Engines, select Fairy-Max, and click Properties.  In the bottom-right you will see a list of the variants that it supports.  Make sure the name in that screen exactly matches what you put in the XBoardEngine variable.

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-03-04 UTC


I have understood what you meant. But it still does not work.


Maybe that is because I misrepresented frog chess in the fairymax file. Currently it looks like this:

Game: frog # # fairy
6 4 5 8 7 3 8 5 4 6
6 4 5 8 7 3 8 5 4 6
p:100 -16,24 -16,6 -15,5 -17,5
p:100 16,24 16,6 15,5 17,5
k:-1 1,3034 -1,1034 1,7 16,7 15,7 17,7 -1,7 -16,7 -15,7 -17,7
n:310 14,7 31,7 33,7 18,7 -14,7 -31,7 -33,7 -18,7
b:350 15,3 17,3 -15,3 -17,3
R:475 1,3 16,3 -1,3 -16,3
Q:950 1,3 16,3 15,3 17,3 -1,3 -16,3 -15,3 -17,3
f:275 15,7 17,7 -15,7 -17,7 3,7 -3,7 48,7 -48,7
# F & FH

Greg Strong wrote on 2020-03-04 UTC

Yes, I've seen the bug report but haven't finished looking at that yet.  My post was how you can use Fairy-Max under ChessV in the meantime.

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2020-03-04 UTC

@Greg & HG

It seems to not work in this way either. This is probably because of what HG has explained down bellow!

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