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Ultimatum ZIP file. Variant of Ultima that adds a FIDE-Queen and an Advancer in place of one Long-Leaper and one Chameleon.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-02-22 UTC
The game goes very well with Advancer and Queen, but Withdrawer looks more weak in this game than in Ultima. Withdrawer is particularily useful in blocked positions, and the game tendence is to be open, but not as open as in Rococo. I want a Withdrawer´s sustitute, and I´m thinking in a one-Archer. Range-two Archer as proposed in the Rococo variant looks too powerful in this game (perhaps it is in Rococo too, it limits a lot the Cannon-Pawns action). Queen is very powerful in Ultimatum, more than Advancer, but the game is very playable and nice. Advancer is a relatively similar piece than Queen, and may be changed by another piece, but Í like the game play with the combination Queen-Advancer. I have made some tests with Queen-Cannons, but they are not good, the openings are, in most cases, forced by the action of the Cannon-Queen with checkmate threats. Have anyone some new ideas to be considered?. I dont want a game that one feel very far from Ultima(tum), so the selection of a Withdrawer sustitute is not easy, the range-one Archer is the best thing I have considered to the present. If I change the Advancer by another piece, I want a nice game play in combination with Queen. Difficult choice.

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