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Nine elder (아홉 장로). Sittuyin + Shogi.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daphne Snowmoon wrote on 2020-10-24 UTC
files=9 ranks=9 holdingsType=-1 maxPromote=5 promoZone=3 promoOffset=8 royal=7 promoChoice=+ graphicsDir=../graphics.dir/alfaerie/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=gif squareSize=54 lightShade=#F0FFC0 darkShade=#C8E0A8 symmetry=none pawn:P:fW:pawn:a3,b3,c3,d3,e3,f3,g3,h3,i3,,a7,b7,c7,d7,e7,f7,g7,h7,i7 cannon:C:pR:cannon:b2,h2,,b8,h8 horse:H:asfW:horse:c1,g1,,c9,g9 spear:S:WfFfafFfafW:promotedsilvergeneral:b1,h1,,b9,h9 rook:R:R:rook:a1,i1,,a9,i9 guard:G:K:guard:d1,f1,,d9,f9 king:K:K:king:e1,,e9 queen:Q:Q:queen:e2,,e8 promoted pawn:+P:K:chinesepawn:, promoted cannon:+C:mRpRFAcpR:lance:, promoted spear:+S:K:mage:, promoted horse:+H:K:moon:, dragon:+R:RF:promotedrook:,