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🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sat, Feb 19, 2022 12:26 AM UTC in reply to Bn Em from Fri Feb 18 01:58 PM:

I converted the introduction from every encoding available for mb_convert_encoding() to UTF-8. Some included Chinese characters, but many of these mixed in Korean or Japanese characters. The conversion most densely packed with Chinese characters was BIG-5, which I know is a Chinese encoding. But I can't tell if it says anything intelligible. Here is what I got:

Bobby Fischer簿翹?疇?兜?瓣繡??癟?〣?疇??嘔怵﹦€疑阬授 ̄汕?€嘔乒€??癡罈?簿翹?疆??疇?¯疑刈詹?珍岑阬員a href="">疇??嘔怵﹦€疑阬授 ̄汕?€較/a> 癟禳??癡簧?矇竄??簿翹?疇?汕亂刈蜃倥汕?€嘔氐倦?癟禳??疇??疇禮?嘔抽€汕?癟翻簧疆?簪矇禳穡疆穢顫矇?繡疆??? ̄巫﹦€?瓊?砂€?Fischer疇職鱉癡?玳?疇??疇?汕永刈算€?疇礎??Capablanca癟簫?冕純敷?疆??疇?¯疑汀??嘔怵﹦€疑阬授 ̄汕?€嘔阬敉?矇竄??癟禳??疇?兜?瓣繡??癟?〣?疇???癡罈?瓣繒?嘔瓦???簿翹?癟??繞癡?玳?疇?汕亂刈領€?癟禳??癡簧?矇竄??矇?翻疆簡??疆??冕阬Ⅹ姻竹??疇?顫疆鬚穡癡癒?矇?鬚瓊?砂€? 癡?簡癡??癟?職瓣罈罈疆???疇?繞癡簣癒疆瞿?嘔佯?? ̄色€甄棺氐?瞻癡?玲?癟禳??Shuffle Chess瓊?玲?Prechess(疆???疇?汕亂刈領€?疆??冕抽€??癟禳??癡簧?矇竄??)疆??冕刈算€疑怏ˍ壅刈撢撳純敷?瓣翻??疆?簪疆??冕兩€¯秉氐溘掙岑?穡癟?兜嘔巫﹦€?矇瞽穡疆?翹瓊?砂€?矇?砂?〡乒?砂€嘔怏??疆?簡疇罈瞿疆糧?疑巫﹦€?瓣罈?嘔岑朝嘔乒€??疆簫繚疇?簡 癟??簣Eric van Reem疆?售?珍氐純姻??砂€?

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