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🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sat, Feb 19, 2022 12:33 AM UTC in reply to Bn Em from Fri Feb 18 01:58 PM:

I then converted the introduction from every encoding to Windows-1252, and I got this as a conversion from UTF-8:

Bobby Fischer,前世界國際象棋冠軍,提出一種國際象棋 的變體,其中棋子的初始配置是隨機選擇的。Fischer從而加入了如Capablanca等,提出國際象棋變體的前世界冠軍之列,然而其他的變體都沒有被成功推行過。 菲舍爾任意制象棋與更古老的Shuffle Chess、Prechess(或其他有關的變體)有些類似,但是有自己獨特的風格。這個遊戲廣泛的介紹和歷史 由Eric van Reem所寫。

This looks like a clean conversion to Chinese, and I even see 象棋 repeated a few times. Does this look accurate to you, Bn?

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