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Man and Beast 17: Hex Heavies

MAB 06: The Heavy Brigade was my first article on non-coprime pieces, that is, pieces passing through centres of cells where they cannot stop, and their compounds. MAB 11: Long-nosed Generals extended this to part-symmetric non- and part-coprime pieces. MAB 10: The Hybrid Diagonal introduced coprime pieces in a radial direction specific to hex-prism boards, and MAB 14: Oddly Oblique added hex-specific oblique directions. This page brings the non-coprime and hex-specific ideas together.

The acknowledgments, overview, and glossary to the series can be found here. Established pieces have a link to their Piececlopedia page. The images used in this series, and indeed in most of my pages, can be found here.


An obvious start is naming pieces with twice or more the leap of coprime hex-specific leapers. For those with twice and thrice the Rumbaba leap the names DRUMMER and TRUMPETER combine the initials of double/triple, the "rum" direction, musicians' relatively innocuous (save perhaps in Jericho) rôle in battle suggesting weak pieces. For the four-step piece, worth naming on account of its compounds, CORNETTIST combines the opening of Cobbler/Commuter/Corpse with the musical theme, and QUINETTIST and BITRUMPETER will do for five and six steps. As Quichick is used for the FO Quibbler I looked to something more distinct for FO hybrid diagonal pieces, starting with the real word DRUMSTICK and extrapolating to TRUMSTICK/CORNSTICK/QUINSTICK/BITRUMSTICK. Drummer compounds with the Dabbaba, Elephant, Alibaba, Eunuch, Dybbuk, Elk, and Alibuck are DADAIST (member of an artistic movement), ALDERMAN (plural ALDERMEN, member of former local government upper chamber), ADDAX (a kind of ungulate), DRUNKARD, DADBUCK, OLDBUCK (a hobbit surname in Tolkien), and ADDBUCK. For FO versions DADCHICK/CLERK/ADDCHICK/TIPPLER/DAWDLER/OLDSTER/ADDLER will do. For corresponding 3-setp piecers I stick mostly to the Tr- start and the simpler pieces maintain the musical theme. Trumpeter compounds with the Trebuchet, Tripper, Trilby, Zombie, Trebizond, Trapezium, and Troll are the TREMOLO, TYMPANIST, TRIATHLETE, TROMBONIST, TREPANNER, TRACTOR, and TRAM. The FO versions are TRILL/TIMBALIST/TRICYCLE/SLIDE/TRESTLE/TRUG/TRACK.

Coprime oblique pieces whose Square Of Leap Length (SOLL) divides by 4 with the same factor as cubic ones share their non-coprime suffixes. That with twice the hex Overscore's leap inherits the name of the cubic VHOROLAIS. New names include the SEMMING and SETDOWN with twice and thrice the Sennight's leap. RHAROLAIS and RHAMOIS twice and thrice the Aurochs', SUMMING twice the Student's, NEMMING twice the Newlywed's, GHOROLAIS twice the Goose's, and BAMMING twice the Barnowl's. It is of the Semming that MAB 14's Golem and Spectre, of the Rharolais its Ratifier, and of the Summing its Boneshaker, are 90° rotations. Twice-coprime leaps are bound to a quarter of the coprime piece's cells, and thrice-coprime ones a ninth. The pieces can still triangulate, but those with a SOLL not divisible by 3 become switching when Averse to 1 in 3 cells. FO pieces include the VOLF, SEYLINE, RALF, SUYLINE, NEYLINE, GOLF, and BAYLINE.

The same applies to xyrixa pieces and many hex-prism ones. These include the (symmetric/FO) LEMMING/LEYLINE, FHEROLAIS/FELF, NUMMING/NUYLINE, and LRENE/LENARD as cubic pieces do. The NHIROLAIS/NILF, FRENE/FENARD, and NRINE/NINARD extend to the xyrixa board, and the FRONE/FONARD to the hex-prism one. The MOMMING/MOYLINE are specifically xyrixa, the FOMMING/FOYLINE, BHAROLAIS/BALF, TRUNE/TUNARD, HYMMING/HYYLINE, THAROLAIS/TALF specifically hex-prism, and the GEMMING/GEYLINE, PHEROLAIS/PELF, VAMMING/VAYLINE shared by both. Where coprime compounds inherit names ending in -u, non-coprime ones inherit the likes of Nhirolais+Nrine=NITAMARAN and Fherolais+Frene=FETAMARAN (xyrixa only), and Lemming+Lrene=LETAMARAN (hex-prism as well).

Hex-prism directions whose coprime SOLL divides exactly by 4 require a new set of suffixes. As the Elf is the jumping-off piece for remainder-3 SOLLs, so the Heffalump is for exact multiples of 4. For the piece with twice the Heffalump move I combine that word's start with Commuter's end to give HEFTER. Corresponding pieces include PEFTER in the Prefect's direction, SAFTER in the Sabbaba's, CAFTER in the Calibrator's, et cetera. For the FO Hefter I resort to the act carried out by it, HEFTING, and others follow the pattern. Extrapolations giving real words are the WAFTER with twice the Wraith's leap, SOFTER with twice the Snowyowl's, DIMMING with twice the Divider's, RAFTER with twice the Ratifier's, GUMMING with twice the Guineapig's, DRONE with twice the Dormouse's, and RAMMING with twice the Raker's.

Purely two-step pieces with a hex-prism compononent are bound to one in eight of their one-step counterparts' bindings - a quarter the columns and half the hex planes. Pure-hex ones are bound to a quarter their one-step counterparts' bindings, but that binding is itself always on a single hex plane. All inherit one-step counterparts' switching properties, if any, writ large.

MAB 06 names for compounds mixing one- and two-step moves along various radials give a precedent for throwing the Rumbaba and Drummer into the mix. Rumbaba+Dabbaba is the TWOLEAPER of Lengthleaper Hex Chess. For the rest I extrapolate from MAB 06 naming with Rumbaba+Elephant=RUFFLE and Rumbaba+Eunuch=RUMBUCK. Conversely Drummer compounds are Wazir+Drummer=WADER, Ferz+Drummer=FEEDER, and Viceroy+Drummer=VIDER. The pure-HD compound is Rumbaba+Drummer=RUDDER. FO versions are TWOCHICK/RUMPUS/RUCKUS, WADCHICK/FEDCHICK/VIDCHICK, and RUDCHICK. Pieces which, on at least two kinds of radial, have both the 1- and 2-step move follow MAB 06's Pasha/Khan/Imam/Sultan pattern. Wazbaba compounds follow the pattern of potentates - Premier+Addax=EMIR, Marquis+Dadaist=MAHDI, Revolutionary+Dadbuck=MOGUL, and Worldgeneral+Addbuck=PANJANDRUM. The GRANDEMIR, GRANDMAHDI, GRANDMOGUL, and GRANDPANJANDRUM are royally-restricted versions of these. Other Fearful compounds follow the Imam pattern of religious titles - Landlord+Alderman=MULLAH, Loyalist+Oldbuck=AYATOLLAH. For Bellman+Drunkard, SHEIKH will do. FO pieces again echo the start of symmetric ones - Spokesman+Addchick=EMISSARY, Viscount+Dadchick=MAVEN, Dissenter+Dawdler=MOUTHPIECE, and Daygeneral+Addler=PUNJABI. Host+Clerk=MULETEER, Sycophant+Oldster=AIDE, Bellboy+Tippler=SHERPA.

Devising a name for the compound of Rumbaba, Drummer, and Trumpeter took a while, but eventually I was inspired by the "land of song", Wales, by naming it the WELSHMAN. For its compounds with corresponding pieces in other radial directions - the Guardian, Wrestler, Liondog, Weatherer, Guarantor, Wrecker, and Liontamer - this can easily be extrapolated to WELSHWOMAN (alluding to Rook compounds with feminine names), ENGLISHMAN (as England's Protestants have bishops), ENGLISHWOMAN, SCOTSMAN (the unicorn being the supporter of the Scottish arms), SCOTSWOMAN, EVERYMAN (a type of dramatic character representing humanity as a whole, often an audience substitute), and EVERYWOMAN. In all cases the plural replaces -an with -EN, and the FO versions replace -man with -BOY and -woman with -GIRL.

Oblique pieces with two components in the same direction with a SOLL ratio of 2 follow the MAB 06 and MAB 07 pattern of -POTENTATE and -SUBJECT suffixes: Sennight+Semming=SENNIPOTENTATE, Foal+Fomming=FOALPOTENTATE, Heffalump+Hefter=HEFFAPOTENTATE, Prefect+Pefter=PREFEPOTENTATE, Aurochs+Rharolais=AUROCPOTENTATE, Drummer+Cornettist=DRUMMPOTENTATE, Drummpotentate+Dabbapotentate=TWOPOTENTATE, Senhelm+Seyline=SENNISUBJECT, Trainer+Foyline=FOALSUBJECT, et cetera. Leaping versions of MAB 09's hex AVIATOR and PONY - Underscore+Semming+Barnowl+Rharolais+... and Aurochs+Semming+Heptagram+Numming+... - are part-coprime oblique compounds. Leaping forms of THEOLOGIAN and PATHFINDER have two hex versions. The hex-prism ones are Calibrator+Hefter+Monitor+Fherolais+..., and Hybridiser+Hefter+Prizemouse+Wafter+... and the xyrixa ones match the SOLLs of cubic ones.


Straight extensions to any even number of coprime leaps suffix with -RIDER as usual to give the likes of DRUMMRIDER, TRUMPRIDER, ALDERRIDER, DRUMSRIDER, SEMMIRIDER, RHARORIDER, SEYLIRIDER, and HEFTERIDER. Those to any number exceeding one are named by suffixing -ON in the oblique cases to give names such as SEMMION, RHAROON, and HEFTEON. The piece making two or more Rumbaba moves in the same direction I term DOCKET, and its FO version DOKER, as a piece with double the Pocket's move length (but in different directions). The -rider extension applies equally to pieces mixing a non-coprime move in some directions and a coprime one in others. The -BANTE extension applies to those extending just the twice-coprime component the same way, -TRANTE to thrice-coprime, et cetera. Extending just the coprime component follows the pattern of distinct names. As in MAB 06, FO mixed-range pieces are named from their own components, and so little connected to symmetric ones.

For Rook plus Drummer/Alderman/Drunkard I look to titles of monastic women - NUN/ABBESS/PRIORESS - which cannot be extrapolated from pieces named after male counterparts. For Wing plus Drumstick/Clerk/Tippler I combine domestic and avian themes with NEST/HIDE/CAGE. For Bishop plus Drummer/Dadaist/Drunkard I widen the religious theme to the pre-Christian SACRIFICER/SORCERER/SOOTHSAYER. For Mitre plus Drumstick/Dadchick/Tippler I progress to the nest's contents with CLUTCH/BROOD/FLEDGLING. For Unicorn plus Drummer/Dadaist/Alderman I turn to the sea monsters MARICORN/TRITON/LEVIATHAN. All three echo the pieces minus the Drummer move: the first unicorn-like, the next Greek and humanoid like the Cyclops, the last biblical like the Behemoth. For Horn plus Drumstick/Dadchick/Clerk an arbitrary theme that could be associated with horns, beaks, and teeth is shoes, in the form of SHOEHORN/SHOEBILL/GUMSHOE. Queen/Duchess/Governor compounds with the Drummer are Sorcerer feminised to SORCERESS, the female sea monster SIREN, and the myth-promulgating FLAMEN. The Maricorn is bound to one in three cells of alternate hex boards, the Triton and Leviathan to all of alternate hex boards, and the rest unbound. For Princess/Countess/Missionary compounds with Drumstick, the bird-related opera The Magic Flute gives the names PAMINA/PAPAGENA/PAPAGENO.

Dicorn compounds I name after kinds of Teutonic invader, alluding to the legend of the Viking horned helmet. For compounds with simple non-coprime leapers - Dabbaba/Elephant/Eunuch - I look to three early tribes: OSTROGOTH/VISIGOTH/VANDAL. For that with the Alibaba I combine the first two for the generic GOTH whose eastern and western branches they were. For those with the Dybbuk and Elk I add more recent groups starting with the V of Vandal, the eastward-expanding VARANGIAN (of which more here, drawn to C.V.P. regulars' attention by Jeremy Good) and westward-expanding VIKING. The Vandal is bound to one in three cells of all levels and the rest unbound. Dilemma compounds take names of sinners of myth and legend: those with simple short-range non-coprime pieces after ICARUS who tries to fly like a bird, ADONIS who is gored by tusks, and TANTALUS who "unlocks" divine secrets; and those with compound ones after PROCRUSTES the mad robber, FAUSTUS who bargains with a devil, and ACTAEON who is turned into a deer.


Mixed-range even-only pieces follow the MAB 06 "riding" theme. Dabbarider compounds with Drummer/Alderman/Drunkard are AMPLIFIER (device reissuing recorded sound of musician), PROCESSION (as a civic occasion), and WEAVER (from drunk driving). Elephrider compounds with Drummer/Dadaist/Drunkard are TELEGRAPHER (bush variety), SURREALIST (from incongruity of European artist riding elephant), and HALLUCINATOR (of pink elephants). Eunucrider compounds with Drummer/Dadaist/Alderman are DISCIPLINARIAN (beating his servants), FRANCHISER (as artist taking credit for others' work), and DELEGATOR (dignitary passing duties to juniors). Alibarider/Dybburider/Elkrider compounds with the Drummer are DEAFENER, METALLIST (devotee of music with a heavy drumbeat and often demonic lyrics), and PERCUSSIONIST (banging a lot of instruments as if with antlers). For FO versions I resort to names starting with the same piece minus the Drumstick, but in many cases suggesting something stronger: DABBLER/EGOIST/MAGNIFIER, TUSSOCK/TOOTHBRUSH/EXACTOR, KEYRING/KEYCUTTER/LOCKKEEPER, and THINKER/IMPACTOR/ANTEATER. Conversely Drummrider compounds with Dabbaba/Elephant/Alibaba/Eunuch/Dybbuk/Elk are the MICROPHONE (device receiving sound of musician to carry it), MUFFLER (from image of elephant's steps muffled by drum-shaped footwear), BOASTER (one who "bangs his own drum"), ROADIE (equipment carrier for rock bands), AGENT, and PRANGER. For FO versions I suggest TWITTERER/WHISTLER/PLAGIARIST/KEYBOARD/IMPRESARIO/GRAPPLE.

Compounds between 2-or-more and 2-only pieces follow the MAB 06 "not-quite-full-linepiece" theme. Pocket compounds with Drummer/Alderman/Drunkard are ANNEXE/GUILDHALL/TAVERN, Picket compounds with Drummer/Dadaist/Drunkard QUAKER/JESUIT/COPT after unusual branches of diverse Christian denominations, and Packet compounds with Drummer/Dadaist/Alderman BAYHORSE/IRONHORSE/SHOWHORSE. Fagin/Scrooge/Malcontent compounds with the Drummer follow collective naming with FOLLOWING/DEPARTMENT/PARISH. FO versions are PRODDER/DIGGER/DALEK, DECKER/WOODPECKER/DREAMER, DEPICTER/WREAKER/DASTARD, and LIMER/CUCKOO/DISRUPTER. Conversely Docket compounds with Dabbaba/Elephant/Alibaba/Eunuch/Dybbuk/Elk are KLAXON, IMPERSONATOR (of Elephant), VIRTUOSO (master of his instrument), UNDERSTUDY (of the virtuoso), ILLUSTRATOR (of devils with horns), and TROPHY (a pair of antlers diplayed by a deer hunter). FO versions are DODGER/DUSTER/DITHERER/DIKDIK/DUMDUM/DENTICLE.

Hopping versions of the Dicorn and Drummer I name after the close-range weapons SWORD and KNIFE, and of their FO forms SWORDPOINT and KNIFEPOINT - like the Point itself they have integer-length moves. Hopping hex oblique pieces again follow the cubic naming patterns. Hopping forms of the Semming/Seyline, Rharolais/Ralf, Summing/Suyline, Vhorolais/Volf, Nemming/Neyline, and Bamming/Bayline are the SEWISGUN/SEVERAGE, RARBINE/RARTRIDGE, SUWISGUN/SUVERAGE, VORBINE/VORTRIDGE, NEWISGUN/NEVERAGE, and BAWISGUN/BAVERAGE. In 3d hex geometries Hopping forms of the Fomming/Foyline, Heft-er/-ing, Lemming/Leyline, Peft-er/-ing, Frone/Fonard, Saft-er/-ing, Fherolais/Felf, Nrine/Ninard, Numming/Nuyline, and Lrene/Lenard are the FOWISGUN/FOVERERAGE, HEWER/HEWING (from which others are extrapolated), LEWISGUN/LEVERAGE, PEWER/PEWING, FOTANA/FORVING, SAWER/SAWING, FERBINE/FERTRIDGE, NITANA/NIRVING, NUWISGUN/NUYLINE, and LETANA/LERVING.

The piece whose move comprises only odd numbers of Rumbaba moves I term SKUNK after another carnivore outside the cat and dog families. The pejorative overtones fit a piece limited to a particular geometry. The FO Skunk is the SKUNKCUB as per usual. It inherits the Rumbaba's binding. Adding one-step moves to an odd-only to cover all radials except NDs is marked with the prefix PRIME- so that Skunk+Prince=PRIMESKUNK, Panda+Landlord=PRIMEPANDA, Bear+Marquis=PRIMEBEAR, Harlequin+Rumbaba=PRIMEHARLEQUIN. Likewise Rebel- excludes the SD giving Skunk+Duke=REBELSKUNK, Panda+Bellman=REBELPANDA, Raccoon+Marquis=REBELRACCOON, Pantaloon+Rumbaba+REBELPANTALOON; and Dicta- excludes the orthogonal giving Skunk+Baron=DICTASKUNK, Bear+Bellman=DICTABEAR, Raccoon+Landlord=DICTARACCOON, Balloon+Rumbaba=DICTABALLOON.

Compounds of the Sword, Swordpoint, Knife, and Knifepoint with counterparts in other radial directions suit generic suffixes. The image of some stronger weapon flanked by swords somehow suggested weapons lined up, bringig the suffixes -LINE and -FRONT to mind. The latter especially suit FO compounds, so -LINE adds the HD directions and -FRONT replaces non-forward moves with forward HD ones. As the suffix endings fit the Harlequin/Harlot pattern I extend them to Skunk and Skunkcub compounds, and from there to Docket and Doker and Drummrider and Drumsrider ones, in the last case replacing rather than added to -rider. In each case the name of the non-HD component determines the HD one. For example Fagin+Docket=FAGINLINE, Poker+Doker=POCKETFRONT, Cannon+Sword=CANNONLINE, Cannonball+Swordpoint=CANNONFRONT, Arrow+Sword=ARROWLINE, Ballade+Swordpoint=CANNONADEFRONT, Musket+Knife=MUSKETLINE, Spearhead+Knifepoint=SPEARFRONT, Gunboat+Knife=GUNBOATLINE, Pandacub+Skunkcub=PANDAFRONT, Bear+Skunk=BEARLINE, Harlot+Skunkcub=HARLEQUINFRONT. For compounds with a coprime element the non-coprime is taken to be enhanced so that SAINTFRONT is Cannonball+Mitre+Swordpoint and COLUMBINELINE Rook+Bear+Skunk. The DICKENSLINE, ARSENALLINE, HARPOONLINE, BARRACKLINE, and the likes of SAVIORLINE and HARROOKLINE use all radials and corresponding -fronts all forward ones.


Compounds of one radial's symmetric and another's FO piece, one or both non-coprime, use the same prefixes as where both are coprime. Thus Amber- can add the Rumchick to symmetric orthogonal pieces - AMBERDABBABA, AMBERPOCKET, AMBERCANNON, AMBERPANDA - the Wazir to FO HD ones - AMBERDRUMSTICK, AMBERDOKER, AMBERSWORDPOINT, AMBERCUB (Wazir+Skunkcub) - or all Amber directions to FO compounds - AMBERDADCHICK, AMBERDOCKPOCKET, AMBERCANNONFRONT, AMBERPANDAFRONT. Likewise Bronze the other way, Pearl/Ruby with SD+HD compounds, Indigo/Magenta with ND+HD ones, and the rest for more complex pieces. Note also more complex pieces such as Ambergeneral+BRONZEDADAIST=AMBERTURTLE, Rubygeneral+PEARLALDERMAN=RUBYTURTLE, Bronzerider+Marquis=BRONZEDRAGON (this counts some single steps twice), et cetera.

Where both components are HD, I follow the pattern of Pig and Raj pieces with Rumbaba+Drumstick=RUNT, the smallest pig in a litter, and Rumchick+Drummer=NAWAB, the precursor title to Nabob. Oblique and purely non-coprime pieces follow the usual rules with such pairs as SENNIPIG/SEMMIMASTER, AUROCPIG/RHAROMASTER, NEWLYPIG/NEMMIMASTER, GOOSEPIG/GHOROMASTER, FOALPIG/FOMMIMASTER, HEFFAPIG/HEFTEMASTER, DRUMMTROTTER/TRUMPTANTRA, and DRUMMPIG/CORNEMASTER. As in MAB 11, Runt and Nawab compounds are named based on their full symmetric and FO components. Sow+Runt=Marquis+Dadchick=BENEFACTOR, Boar+Runt=Landlord+Clerk=FINANCIER, Piglet+Runt=Bellman+Tippler=DISTURBER, Memsahib+Nawab=Viscount+Dadaist=PATRON, Sahib+Nawab=Host+Alderman=PUBLICIST, Nabob+Nawab=Bellboy+Drunkard=PORTER (a bag carrier but also a kind of beer). Pieces extending the entire forward move of MAB 10 generals follow the same patern as non-HD counterparts. Thus adding Ambergeneral to Drumstick/Drumsrider/Doker gives AMBERGOURMET/AMBERPAINTER/AMBERDOVE. Likewise with pieces in the same direcions but with the one-step move restricted to forward, thus adding Viscount to Amberdrumstick/Amberdrumsrider/Amberdoker gives AMBEROCCUPIER/AMBERDUGONG/AMBERMAMMOTH.


As with pieces not using the HD, I name pieces moving up to n steps along one kind of radial and at least n along another by hyphenating the linepieces giving the shorter and longer moves and adding SECUNDIGRADE, TERTIIGRADE, QUARTIGRADE, QUINTIGRADE, SEXTIGRADE, SEPTIMIGRADE, OCTAVIGRADE, NONIGRADE, DECIMIGRADE, et cetera for succesive values of n starting with 2. Thus a DICORN-ROOK SECUNDIGRADE moves makes up to 2 steps as a Dicorn or at least 2 as a Rook. A MARCHIONESS-GOVERNOR TERTIIGRADE makes up to 3 steps as a Rook or Dicorn or at least 3 as a Bihsop or Unicorn. Where the longer-range moves takes over at n+1, SESQUI- is added to the suffix so that a BISHOP-TRICORN SESQUISECUNDIGRADE makes up to 2 steps as a Bishop, or at least 3 as a Unicorn or Dicorn. Likewise there can be such pieces in FO directions, so that a MITRE-DILEMMA QUINTIGRADE makes up to 5 steps as a Mitre or at least 5 as a Dilemma. Where one linepiece is a compound of the other the stronger linepiece's first/last distance is taken to cover both pieces, so that the name without Sesqui- is used. Thus a Dicorn that also moves up to 4 steps as a Bishop is a PONTIFF-DICORN QUARTIGRADE.


As a compound of two radial pieces with the same leap length the Twoleaper is a one-off. The next article, MAB 18: Complex Pieces with Simple Ratios, covers compounds of two oblique pieces with the same leap length, or (beyond the MAB 03 triangulators) SOLLs in simple ratios. The one after that, MAB 19: The Vice Squad, covers pieces with a radial and an oblique component, one or both hex-specific. The most complex hex-specific pieces have their own article, MAB 20: Far From Square.

The name Monk means a 5:2:1 cubic leaper, whose compound with the Rook is the Monvasser. The name Abbot means the compound of Mitre and Point, and thus already has an orthogonal component however minimal. The name Prior has no... prior use! This is why their feminine counterparts were available for use in this article. The Drunkard and its compound with the Elephrider, the Hallucinator, have no connection with the Drunken Elephant - who presumably sees grey humans!

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