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Man and Beast 17: Hex Heavies. Systematic naming of non-coprime hex-specific pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-03-24 UTC
'I see you didn't respond to any of my suggestions'
	No, what you mean is that you don't see that I did respond. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Anyway, here is my response your latest suggestion plus a repeat of my past responses.
	Rumbaba+Drummer+Trumpeter: Yes, there is a very good case for this, it would fit in with the recently-added Guardian and Wrestler and Weatherer. Rumbaba+Trumpeter and Drummer+Trumpeter could also do with names, and I will certainly put some thought into it. I will put some thought into these.
	Rosette and offshoots: I tend to think of a piece moving in a particular way and then - if I can find no prior reference to such a piece try to devise a name for it. If any group of pieces worth putting into Man and Beast suit these names I will use them. The next pieces that I am thinking of devising new names for are Rook+Spear, Cannon+Elephant, Bishop+Musket, and Arrow+Dabbaba - oh, and following an interest expressed by Christine Bagley-Jones, Queen+Gazelle and Queen+Bison.
	Sultan's Elephant Chess: I remember asking whether you were making a case against just the name or the variant as a whole. The game aws very much created with its theme in mind. My memory was that it was you who did not reply further to this, and if I have missed a reply I am sorry.