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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

There is no queen, but 2 compounds

There are so many games, wich uses R+N and B+N compounds... Some games uses 1 of each, some uses only 1 of these two, some uses 2 of one of them, some uses 2 of each, some replaces queen with one of them... Looks like, only combination, wich was not used yet is 1 of each, but no queen.

If similar game already exists (i mean, 9x9 or 9x8 game with R+N and B+N without queen), please, let me know.



M - marshal;
C - chanselor.


Marshal may move either as rook or knight. Chanselor may move either as bishop or knight.


Pawns may make double or tripple step from 2nd rank. They may make only double step from 3rd rank. They may be captured en-passant on any skipped square. White may not make tripple step on first move, but may make double step.
Pawns may not promote to queens, but may promote to "new" pieces.
On it's first move, one of bishops can make single orthogonal step. It may be capturing move. If bishop, wich made first move, did not use this step, other bishop must use it, but if first bishop used it, second bishop may not use it. It solves two problems: bishops on same colors and unprotected pawns (when i told that it "solves problem", i did not mean that it's something new, i just explained, why i used this rule).
King moves 3 squares when castles, rook leaps to next square. Normal conditions apply.


Alternative setups: marshal and chanselor may be between bishops and knights or knights and rooks. In these setups bishops have knight's leap insted orthogonal step.
Another alternative setup: marshal and chanselor are in corners, other pieces are between them. It have two optional rules, wich have to be chosen before playing. Here bishops may have either orthogonal step or knight's leap (here all pawns are protected without it). Second optional rule is castling: 2 variants: first - king castles with rooks, moves to steps; second - king castles with compound pieces, moves 3 steps.

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By Daniil Frolov.
Web page created: 2010-06-23. Web page last updated: 2010-06-23