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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

Leapers chess

I was looking these pages and saw the entry for leap chess and saw that the knight was the strongest piece in the game! And I thought to myself how about making a small gme in which every piece is a leaper that is, except for the king and pawns. So here goes...


o=nonexistent square


The king moves as in orthodox chess but there is no castling. The queen moves as a nonroyal king or as a knight. Knights move normally. Pawns have no double step and promote upon reaching king and queens squares if they reach the penultimate rank they gain the ability to move but not capture one square orthogonally sideways pawns promote to any piece. Rooks move one or two orthogonally and can jump over intervening pieces. Bishops move one or two diagonally and can jump.


Checkmate is a win along stalemate is a draw along with threefold repetition. Captures are by replacement. the king can make one nontaking knight move a game in check or not.


This game is on a short board and short range pieces in order to have the pieces not ravage the board. This game can be played with the exotic pieces applet and i recommend use of grunt pawns.
there are variants shown below:
#1 replace bishops with waffles just remember to watch the unprotected king knight pawn.however
#2 replace queen with squirrel
#3 replace queen with chu shogi lion without special double move 
#4 replace rooks with omega champions
#5 replace bishops with omega wizards
#6 replace bishops with forgs which move move as a ferz or 3,0 leaper
There are many more variants than i can write these variants can be freely intermixed.

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By Andy Maxson.
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