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Kriegspiel Referee:

A team of QBasic programmers have created a program which acts the part of a Kriegspiel referee. Thus it is possible for two players to play a game (like correspondence chess of old days) via email, etc. Unfortunately, it cannot run interactively. The players do much like the old snail-mail correspondence chess players did. Well, a bit faster using email or posting in the forum itself. Even more unfortunately, the other programmers just did it as a fun programming assignment and have no interest in actually playing. So I would like to make some posts on your forum to try to get a player (or more). Mac

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Author: Mac . Inventor: Henry Michael Temple.
Web page created: 2006-04-05. Web page last updated: 2006-04-05

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 By David  Dana-Bashian. Crazyhouse Kriegspiel. Combines Crazyhouse with Kriegspiel. (8x8, Cells: 64) By David Dana-Bashian.