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Kriegspiel problems of Henk Swart

Below, you find two kriegspiel problems by Henk Swart. (The marking of the square of the white king denotes that it is white's turn.) Check the webpage with the rules of Kriegspiel.

In the problems below, after a player asks `Can I?', (also often used in the form: `Are there any?'), then the arbiter tells if there is at least one possible pawn capture. In case the answer is affirmative, the player must try at least one pawn capture move. Players get to know which piece is taken, but not which piece they have taken or with what piece a capture is made.

Note that a solution should tell what moves are tried in what order, etc. (here especially for the second move of white.)

Problem 1

Kriegspiel: Mate in Two Moves

Kriegspiel: Mate in two moves.

Henk Swart.

Problem 2

Kriegspiel: Mate in Two Moves. Black asks `Are there 
any?' after key move

Kriegspiel: Mate in two moves.
Given is that Black asks: `Can I?' after the key move.

Henk Swart, based on a chess problem by Hans Aarzen.


Who is the first to send in a solution for one of these problems? This is a `just for fun' competition, but you can earn a tiny bit of fame... Send the solutions to Hans Bodlaender (see the feedback page for my email address.
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