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Kriegspiel: Chess Under Uncertainty:

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Kriegspiel is a chess variant where you can't see your opponent's pieces. When you try a move, the referee (preferably computerized, announces if your move is legal (otherwise try again), if you capture anything, if it's check, that kind of information. It's a wonderful game, involving a greater variety of logical deduction than chess. This book discusses one set of rules in great detail, and presents analysis of several sample games. The sample games were not so well played, and the analysis is a bit dubious at points, but it's amusing to read through, if not awfully edifying. For a treatise on Kriegspiel I would have liked to see some analysis of things like the king and rook versus king ending, and other practical studies and problems. The rules he presents are not my favorite (there really is no standard).

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Author: David Li.
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 By David  Dana-Bashian. Crazyhouse Kriegspiel. Combines Crazyhouse with Kriegspiel. (8x8, Cells: 64) By David Dana-Bashian.