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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2000-01-26
 By Brian  Wong. Terror Chess. Variant on 11 by 11 board with combination pieces. (11x11, Cells: 121) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Brian Wong wrote on 2004-04-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Hello, I have been gone for some years and unaware that some people finally looked at my games and commented. I would be glad to play Terror Chess or Sultan's Game or a combination of the two. I see it has been two years since your comments, but for anyone who would like to play Terror Chess, just email me at [email protected] and we will try to arrange something.

David Short wrote on 2002-04-15 UTCGood ★★★★
It would seem that TERROR CHESS is identical to THE SULTAN'S GAME with the exception that the positions of the marshall and cardinal are reversed. THE SULTAN'S GAME pre-dates TERROR CHESS on this web site by three years. Nevertheless I still propose that my idea above for a variant of chess between different armies would be intriguing. Oh and I would suggest variants with and alternately without the 'Battle Move' when programming the ZRF for the above proposed new variant. Players can decide for themselves which they prefer to use.

David Short wrote on 2002-04-14 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
It would seem that I am not the first person to create a CV on an 11 by 11 board. (see my SPINAL TAP CHESS) It would be interesting to play a game of TERROR CHESS (for WHITE) vs. SPINAL TAP CHESS (for BLACK) as a game of Chess Between Different Armies !!! PETER ARONSON I challenge you to create a ZRF for such a game IMMEDIATELY!! :-) I could then challenge Brian Wong to a game by email! (if anyone has his address!) (mine is [email protected]) though I suspect that TERROR CHESS has the more powerful army! Then again who can say for sure? TERROR CHESS vs. SPINAL TAP CHESS A game of Chess Between Different Armies created by David Short with thanks to Brian Wong. a b c d e f g h i j k +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 11 |*R*|*S*|*W*|*V*|*Q*|*K*|*M*|*W*|*V*|*S*|*R*| 11 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 10 |*P*|*P*|*P*|*P*|*Cr|*Cr|*Cr|*P*|*P*|*P*|*P*| 10 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 9 | |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| | 9 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 8 |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| 8 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 7 | |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| | 7 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 6 |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| 6 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 5 | |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| | 5 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 4 |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| 4 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 3 | |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| |:::| | 3 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 2 |:P:| P |:P:| P |:P:| P |:P:| P |:P:| P |:P:| 2 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ 1 | R |:B:| N |:C:| A |:K:| Q |:Mr| B |:N:| R | 1 +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ a b c d e f g h i j k Diagram index: R- ROOK B- BISHOP N- KNIGHT C- CARDINAL A- AMAZON K- KING Q- QUEEN Mr- MARSHALL P- PAWN Cr- CRAB S- SQUIRE V- VICEROY W- WIZARD M- MINISTER Pawns move 1, 2, or 3 squares on their initial move and the en passant rule is the same as it is in OMEGACHESS. Each side may castle as its game's rules dictate.

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