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Space Chess Photos. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sarah wrote on 2009-12-13 UTC
i have one of these, a complete set... for sale.. [email protected]

George Duke wrote on 2008-06-30 UTCGood ★★★★
The Rules appear within the article at the link. Also see CVPage Index, under ''Boards with unusual shape,'' then ''3d'' for over 100 Rules-sets of 3-d, including Star Trek and Raumschach. While in Cleveland, you should visit the Cleveland Public Library. The John G. White Chess collection there is largest in the world and has here and there proposals to alter Chess Rules for researcher to find. Over the years, serious reforms have been suggested from Alexandre in 1820's, Bird 1870's, Lasker in 1910's, Capablanca 1920's, Gabriel Maura's Modern 1960's, Fischer 1990's. Twists and tweaks of OrthoChess, like more recent Seirawan Chess and other lesser lights, used to be ''variants'' not the crazy wild-eyed stuff we mostly get in 2000's ad infinitum. (Hey I would not review them if I did not enjoy even the worst of them -- unlike most not CVPage prolificists.)

wade picklesimer wrote on 2008-06-29 UTC
I am a avid chess enthusiast. I haven't yet played any variants but two days ago I found in a thrift store in clevelan tn Space chess. Its an original product from the late 60s, retro box and everything the wooden pieces used to susspend the two additional boards wasn't included also one pawn is missing and no instructions I've fabricated my own wooden pieces and am ready for play...if I only knew how if you know a site that provides authentic rules and play please post a link.

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