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Reformed Courier-Spiel. Begnis's attempt to reform the Courier-Spiel proposed by H.C. Albers in 1821. (12x8, Cells: 96) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 05:37 PM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from 09:17 AM:

@HG: I had it right yesterday, but today while making the other corrections I have edited the page. The ID is in the Notes section. At one moment I did toggle the Source button of this section to see something, and just that lose the HTML needed for the ID. This is a pain.

Now, it is corrected.

H. G. Muller wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 09:17 AM UTC in reply to Jean-Louis Cazaux from 07:16 AM:

@Jean-Louis: You posted the Interactive Diagram as text, rather than HTML source.

And if you prefer board-painter piece symbols over alfaerie, why don't you use those in the Interactive Diagram too? The Interactive Diagrams in the on-line appendix for your book all use the board-painter images. I think it would be much better to keep some uniformity within the article.

@Fergus: What is 'his site'? We do have a Jocly installed here, and if I invoke it, Reformed Courier Spiel appears in the list of "other Jocly Games" on the Jocly page (viewed through the iframe) itself. And it appears to work fine there.

Itis not in the overview of Jocly-supported chess variants, though. That overview is very incomplete. It also strikes me as strange that it is organized by date of creation, like it is a What's New page. This is not helpful when searching for a variant at all; alphabetical order would be much better.

It would also be good if articles for which a Jocly implementation exists would contain a direct link for starting Jocly for that variant.

📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 07:16 AM UTC in reply to Ben Reiniger from 01:49 AM:

Corrected for the sentence

📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 07:08 AM UTC in reply to Fergus Duniho from 01:29 AM:

corrected also

📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 07:07 AM UTC in reply to Fergus Duniho from 01:21 AM:


🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 03:07 AM UTC:

On his site, the Jocly version of his game is not working. I'm wondering if we could get it working here, since we also support Jocly games on our server.

🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 02:30 AM UTC in reply to Ben Reiniger from 01:49 AM:

I fixed some problems with the insertperson.php script and added him as ClementBegnis.

Ben Reiniger wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 01:49 AM UTC:

The third sentence of the archer's description is incomplete.

I tried to set Begnis as the inventor. That field seems to have populated, but the edit person script appears to still not work. I can try again later if Fergus (or another) doesn't beat me to it.

🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 01:29 AM UTC:

In Reformed Courier-Spiel castling is defined so as to recover the same positions as in standard modern chess: the King moves to the square on the c-column or k-column and the Rook jumps over it (to the d- or j-columns).

Since Chess has no k or j column, this would not be recovering the same position as in standard modern chess. You could say that the King moves four spaces when castling, which places it in the same relative position to the edge it has moved towards as it has when castling in Chess.

🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Sun, Feb 12, 2023 01:21 AM UTC in reply to Jean-Louis Cazaux from Sat Feb 11 10:13 PM:

There is a discrepancy between your written description of the setup and your diagram. As written, the King and Queen have a Champion on each side, but as illustrated, there is a Paladin beside the King.

📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Sat, Feb 11, 2023 10:13 PM UTC:

I think I have finished with this page. This game has been long missing on the CVP. I beg an editor to check it and publish it. Thanks.

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