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Shatranjian Shogi. Ferz and wazir, dabbaba and elephant offset each other in this new Shatranj drop game.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Tue, Aug 1, 2006 01:11 PM UTC:
These are some instructional comments for making a better preset.

1) There is no need to use the * as a file label for files without any
spaces. Additional whitespace is not redundant in the Files field. When
two empty spaces occur side by side, Game Courier reads a null space
between them, and it will use a null file label. This is what I've done
in presets for Shogi and Chessgi.

2) You can use the alias command to avoid the two-character labels being
used for some pieces. It will allow you to use more intuitive one-letter
labels, such as k/K for King, p/P for Pawn, and e/E for Elephant.

3) If you program it to automatically place captured pieces into a certain
area, you can use the * operator to drop pieces from that area. This will
also eliminate the need to display the file labels for the off-board area.
These can be made invisible by preceding each one with a ! in the Files
field. See a Shogi or Chessgi preset for an example.

4) With the Shatranji and Chessgi include files already available, it
shouldn't be too difficult for someone to write a preset that will
enforce the rules of this game. Start with the code from the Shatranji
preset as a template. After including the Shatranji include file, add some
functions for the Dabbabah and Wazir. If you want to use the same images
for Elephant and King as you are now, also add new functions and
subroutines for these pieces. Copy the Elephant functions from
Shatranji.txt, and call them 1e and 1E. It will be a bit easier to just
use the k/K images for the King instead of the sp/SP images. You'll have
to be careful if you decide not to. Add new ATTACKEDBYB and ATTACKEDBYW
functions that cover the piece set used in this game. Modify the
appropriate lines in the Post-Move code to reflect the pieces used in this
game. Use their actual labels here, not their aliases.

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