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Thraex_ChessA game information page
. Introducing the Thraex, which captures like a rook, but moves by the bifurcated jump method (zrf available).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-11-09 UTC
Thraex is the Bishop counterpart to the Gaul. Jumping is the performance here rather than Deflect, Bounce, or Collide. How about compound bifurcators and naming them too, worthy of a Gilman Man & Beast chapter? So far there is not one compound bifurcator with such dual ability. Take leaping, bouncing, colliding and deflecting, and there are lb, lc, ld, and lbc, lbd, lcd, bcd, and lbcd all plausible. A lot more than that may become piece-types in their own right of course in consideration of the order of operation, diagonal first or straight/orthogonal first, and as to first or second leg moves/captures, and as to where any jump is, and more considerations. What is similarly observed about cvs in general and about piece-type inventing elsewhere, easily thousands of differing pieces we can define would be Bifurcators from probably the fundamental core set of about 30. More recent Deflectors will raise the starting number. As far as I know, Winther noticed half a dozen from prior art (see Jelliss' ''All the King's Men'') and proceeded to create the next logical approximately 25. This Thraex write-up links to their complete table.

George Duke wrote on 2010-08-26 UTC
Thraex is the Bishop counterpart to the Gaul. That is, Thraex captures as a Rook and moves by the screen-jump one-square-beyond method continuing on one of the two 45-degree-deviated diagonal legs. Hence Bishop: Thraex is basically bifurcated into Bishop to move once having found his appropriate legal track(s).

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