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Lucky Xiangqi. All the pieces, except the kings, are turned over so you can't see what they are. (9x10, Cells: 90) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Simon wrote on 2006-02-15 UTC
In chinese, this kind of chess is called 'blind chess'. It is played on one side of the board only coz all the 32 xiangqi pieces cover only half the board exactly.

Chris wrote on 2002-08-15 UTC
I know that version of Xiangqi. But the one I played with even the king is
closed. For the first move, the closed piece is assumed to be which ever
piece that usually occupies that position. You may only move your own
piece, if it is closed then it is the piece on your side. Once it is
opened, if its colour isn't yours then your opponent gains control of it.
If it is a mandarin or king, it can move about in the whole board (they
are not confined by the palace. I am not sure whether the elephant can
cross the river if it is on the wrong side or not.

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