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This item is a story, poem or other fictional work
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2004-12-02
 By George William Duke. CHESS MORALITY IX: Sacrifice. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2012-12-18 UTC
'Sacrifice' was the 9th morality from December 2002 (pre-Man & Beasts) ten years ago setting up: F Falcon, P Chicken/Pigeon, N Hawk, B Vulture, K Bird of Jove, Q the Muses, and R Raven/Rook/Parrot. Then Http://, 'Seven Wonders' was the 10th February 2003, disclosing: Falcon = Pyramid, Pawn = Temple of Diana, Knight = Colossos of Rhodes, Bishop = Lighthouse, King = Zeus, Queen = Hanging Gardens, and Rook = Mausoleum. (I never found the original French of Robert Desnos' world-war-ii-era "Fine After-midnight" and haven't asked til now what would be much appreciated.)

George Duke wrote on 2009-02-14 UTC
Different SPHINXES have head of Falcon, or Ram, or Woman. This is one poem having Sphinx. If you do not answer correctly certain riddles, you were immediately slain. ''Sacrifice'' has the Birds as the chess pieces we are delineating at ChessboardMath6. In turn, there are Falcon, Pawn as Chicken, Knight as Hawk, Bishop as Vulture, King as Bird of Jove, Queen as Bird-goddess, and Rook as Rook and Parrot and Raven the three. ROOK as bird and RAVEN, like Crow of ChessboardMath6 10.February.2009 below, are Corvids. Bishop here says indignantly, ''As many minds so many fantasies/ Chess variants beset with fallacies.'' [Besides more significant encryption, each of 20 poems deliberately has one antiquated usage of a ''be-xxx'' word: beset, beseem, bestir, betoken...] To this punctilious Bishop, you too ought to be slain for presumptuous design and plebeian manners, presaging ''Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.'' FOOL, French ''fou,'' of course IS chess Bishop in the irony. It was written when Betza had gotten unduly ''prolificist'' and now certain adverse heir-aspirers would not remotely resemble his class.

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