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StrataChess v1.0. separate Strategic and Tactical gameplay. 2-6 players. Element of Chance. Terrain. Build your own armies.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Prussia General wrote on 2019-07-27 UTC

Thanks, Fergus!

I added some illustration to better visualize the terrain and initial setup. Next time I'm putting down images of the units, structure and the strategic maps. 

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2019-07-23 UTC

I have added a page rule on Cloudflare for bypassing the cache for PHP scripts with the extension .php, leaving one exception for the drawdiagram.php script, which should be cached. This should make scripts for editing content load the latest changes.

Greg Strong wrote on 2019-07-23 UTC

Try clicking the browser's Refresh button after you click to Edit the Page Contents.  That should update the text.

Prussia General wrote on 2019-07-22 UTC

@ Moderators - about 2 weeks ago I made some edits to the posting. However this is not yet reflected after I click "Edit the post" so when I edit, I had to work off an older version. How could I get the latest html version from the post? 

Prussia General wrote on 2019-07-10 UTC

I cleaned up the "RULES" section a bit to make it easier to read. Next time I'll upload some pictures. 

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2019-07-07 UTC

(Er, I hadn't thought about how "that ship has sailed" would be interpreted:  I hadn't meant it for this variant, as a criticism of Greg for publishing it; rather, I was trying to indicate the last few years during which a few new anonymous inventors have had material published here.  And as Greg noted, this does include great community members like wtdr2, so I don't hold this position firmly; I would just like to encourage inventors to attach their names to their variants.)

Greg Strong wrote on 2019-07-06 UTC

(And I might as well mention again that I don't particularly like publishing variants without the inventors' real names, but that ship has sailed.)

I am in agreement.  I don't really like it, although it is not like we can really verify identity anyway.  On the other hand, I think we have complete discretion to publish or not as we see fit.  This is one more factor we can weigh when deciding whether to publish.  And there are cases where I am fine with it.  For example, I published Shako_Balbo from wtdr2.  Although he chooses to be anonymous, he is a valuable member of the community who created an excellent game.  So I think it is a case-by-case call.  Does the submitter have a history here?  Does the game seem worthwhile?  StrataChess is borderline in a couple of regards, but he has clearly put a lot of work into it.  I would say it goes into a "probationary" period.  If questions are answered, and he works with us to help clean it up, it stays.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2019-07-06 UTC

I agree that this is getting pretty far from chess.  It has the same wargame/chess crossover feel of some other games here, but this is probably further out.  But, I've always thought this site should be pretty inclusive.  And the tactical portion of this game is fairly chesslike (in fact, it almost would work as a standalone variant).

I'll work on some more formatting here in a minute.

I haven't read all of the details, so maybe I've missed it, but: what does the terrain "strengthening" and "weakening" actually do?  How are they located?
Edit: Oh, I see, "strengthen" and "weaken" are not separate effects, just a note about how the terrain affects pieces differently.

(And I might as well mention again that I don't particularly like publishing variants without the inventors' real names, but that ship has sailed.)

Greg Strong wrote on 2019-07-04 UTC

I have posted and cleaned up the "Setup" section, adding a table where I think it was intended and provided other HTML formatting.  I will take a stab at other sections later.

I am posting this mostly because of the amount of work that went into it.  I think it is a stretch to call this a chess variant, so I am not sure it really blongs.  I'm happy to hear thoughts from other members.

Prussia General wrote on 2019-06-25 UTC

This is my first ever formally submitted game. Apologies on the formatting of the post. I'm new to the forum so I'll try to clean up the format and figure out how to put pictures. 

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