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This item is a contest or tournament
It belongs to categories: In a category all its own
It was last modified on: 2018-10-06
 Author: Hans L. Bodlaender and Greg  Strong. Contest to design a 10-chess variant. Cebrating 10 years of Chess Variant Pages with a contest to design a chess variant.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Hans Bodlaender wrote on 2005-05-03 UTC
We're currently adding the entries to the webpage. If yours is not yet here, please wait a few days. Hans Bodlaender

Jared McComb wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
I previously stated that I would be willing to post my other entry via 'the form'. However, due to a massively underestimated schedule overload (a.k.a. 'last two weeks of school'), I will be unable to do so until no earlier than a week from this Wednesday, and most likely not until Thursday or later.

David Howe wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
Let me clarify Fergus' clarification. Our <i>email</i> .com addresses have ceased to exist. Our web page .com address (except for the .play subdomain) do continue to exist.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
David wrote: 'Our .com address is older and not used as much any more.'

Let me clarify that a bit. Our .com addresses have ceased to exist, they
will not work at all, and I'm not aware of anything we can do to get them
back. Although we retained the .com domain, our .org domain became the main
domain for this site when we moved to a new web server, and it is the only
one for which email works.

David Howe wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
I've added a 'Lock' feature, which should prevent a particular page from
being edited. All member submitted pages that are in the 10 contest are now
locked in this way. 

Clarifications or corrections to a page can be added as comments.

Michael Nelson wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
For the record, my Decima revisons weere submitted in early March and never posted -- no blame to the editors, they've been overwhelmed. I posted them myself yesterday at the first opportunity after the new submisssion system became available.

Jared McComb wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
I edited Yagbap after the deadline only to clarify a couple of things, and didn't actually change the rules as listed. I think that the best thing to do would be to somehow remove the edit option on all the pages for the duration of the contest, if that's possible, and then add them back on when the contest is finished.

Doug Chatham wrote on 2005-05-02 UTC
One of the rules of this contest is that no changes to a submission are allowed after April 30. Now that some of us can edit our own pages, will that restriction still be enforced?

david jagger wrote on 2005-04-29 UTC
Thanks for pointing to the .org site as an alternative. I seemingly
managed to post both Triplicity and Chariots through there, but I am not
100 percent sure either was successful. I await confirmation of receipt.
I've decided not to submit my third non-competing game, Xerxes, for the
moment - maybe another time. Thanks very much for your help.

David Howe wrote on 2005-04-29 UTC
Dave, try sending the email from

Our .com address is older and not used as much any more.

dave jagger wrote on 2005-04-29 UTC
I'm having a problem submitting anything through your editors email. I keep getting the message...

You may not send us email from

Is this fault at your end or mine? Are there any alternatives email
adresses I could try?

dave jagger wrote on 2005-04-28 UTC
Hoping to hit you guys with 2 competing ('triplicity' and 'chariots') and 1 non-competing entry ('xerxes') in the very near future, barring technical difficulties. Good luck all! - DTJ

David Howe wrote on 2005-04-25 UTC
I've fixed the commenting problem (I think). <p>Hans is running the contest, so in theory, he should be posting the contest entries. However, I suspect he hasn't the time to do this. I and the other editors will be working on these entries in the near future, so stay tuned and sorry for the delays.

Neal Meyer wrote on 2005-04-21 UTC
Comment: I agree with the gentlemen who have written comments before mine.
I submitted my game Magi, along with rules for alternate outcomes and 5
sample games into the 10CV competition a number of days ago. However when
I checked today to see if it had been posted, the game wasn't there. 

Is there a need for some help with running the website? I may consider
helping out if there is a need for help. 

Best regards. 

Neal Meyer

Jared McComb wrote on 2005-04-18 UTC
Perhaps the editors are wary of uploading the 10th entry to this contest because they think that being the 10th entry will give it some sort of intrinsic advantage? ;P <p>Seriously, though, what's going on?

Charles Gilman wrote on 2005-04-08 UTC
I submitted my second entry nearly two weeks ago, and it hasn't appeared. Is this because of a lack of manpower (usually a problem in endgames!) or has it got lost in the internet, or is there some rule disqualifying it?

Tony Gardner wrote on 2005-03-21 UTCGood ★★★★
Decima is a very intriguing concept; especially appealing are the point
accruals and tactical possibilities.

Given the previous reviews, I wonder if it would be better to place pawns
in front of the Rooks and move the Ns or Ks to inner positions.  Or
instead, perhaps two squares could be blacked out -- such as a5 and j6 --
to limit the immediate power of the Rooks... Is there any restriction on
movement of a piece once it has reached the tenth rank?

The rudiments of a good variant are here, and with some fine tuning should
produce an excellent game.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-03-13 UTC
Hidden Ten: 8x8 Chess, as usual, except by the following rule: Each player writes in a paper the hidden-ten piece (not the King) of his band. This piece has an special cappability: Once in the game, but in a move numbered as multiple of ten (say, move 10, 20, 30...), the piece can move up-to-ten squares following a path of sequences of orthogonal movements, and it can also capture an enemy piece (not the King) by replacement on the final landing square. (This is not a competing entry for the 10 CV contest)

Mason Green wrote on 2005-03-13 UTC
I think my variant '10 Minute Melee' would qualify for the Hidden Ten
sub-contest because it uses the number 10 in a way that none of the other
CV's submitted to this contest do. Check it out! By the way, you don't
have to play it for exactly 10 minutes, if you don't want to. You can
play it longer or shorter, as time allows.

I just submitted a non-competing entry, which is only loosely based on the
number 10 but which is (in my opinion) my creation that I feel most proud
of. It's non-competing because it's only loosely based on the number 10
(it was created before I was aware of this contest). But it will be a
competing entry in the next Large Chess Variants competition--I sure hope
you guys have the next one soon!

Mason Green wrote on 2005-03-11 UTC
I think my game '10 Minute Melee' qualifies for the Hidden Ten
competition because its use of the number ten is more unusual than that of
the other chess variants currently up.

By the way, when will the next 'Large Chess Variant' contest be? I have
co-created a game called 'Legend Chess' which is played on a 16x16
board. I have to get permission from my friend to publish it on these
pages, but it's been proven very enjoyable through playtesting. It would
be a perfect entry for a Large contest, but there hasn't been one of
those for several years. But there have been a lot of small CV
contests--one every year in fact. I think we should have another Large
Chess Variant contest soon.

Michael Nelson wrote on 2005-03-11 UTC
I have resubmitted my final revisions for the Decima webpage and the ZRF. I
have been haivng email problems and I am uncertain if my previous
submissions after the original have been received. 

Could one of the esteemed editors let me know if this morning's
submissions have been received?

Doug Chatham wrote on 2005-03-08 UTC
A modest suggestion for an extra challenge: <h3>The Hidden Ten</h3> <p>Make a chess variant where the number 10 plays only non-obvious, 'hidden' roles. At least one of these roles should be something not shared by other chess variants --- so 'played by creatures that use a decimal number system' isn't sufficient for this challenge.</p>

Doug Chatham wrote on 2005-03-07 UTC
Earlier, someone published a side challenge to produce a variant with exactly 10 squares. I have another side challenge: the Obfuscated 10 -- Make a chess variant where the number 10 plays significant but <b>hidden</b> roles. At least one such role should be something not shared by other chess variants, so 'played by 10-fingered beings' doesn't count.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-03-07 UTC
Have you received my entry 'Chess With Batteries?'. I sent it aa few days ago...

Mason Green wrote on 2005-02-27 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

I have just submitted an entry to the 10-chess variant competition. It's
called 'Ladder Shogi' and it's based on Japanese folklore, Shogi, and
the previous game 'Way of the Knight'. I am a 15-year-old amatueur CV
enthusiast, so this would be the first game I've submitted for a contest.
I also plan to send one other and perhaps a non-competing entry. I already
sent in Ladder Shogi, I hope it appears here soon...

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