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Chess on Steroids. Pieces increase their powers with those of the pieces they capture. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Cannon wrote on 2010-07-28 UTC
Thank you for your kind words, Hafsteinn. As I've explained on my main page, I no longer rate this game so highly. Fergus Duniho made some games based on a similar concept, but much better designed and implemented, so I'd rather you played his.

I feel flattered by all the 'excellent' grades people gave me, but at that time, there were not so many games posted on the CV pages so people didn't have much to compare it with. I would probably rate it as 'below average' or 'poor' myself now, which is why I've never programmed it and have never made any diagrams. But this was my first serious attempt to design a game, and I've left this page standing to remind me of where I came from.

I did use the idea of pieces merging with other pieces for many of my other games (Diamond Chess 306, Dürer's Chess, Matrix Chess). You could saw that I see this game, not so much as a game worth playing, but as more of a source of raw material for other games.