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XSChess. Xiangqi plus shogi plus chess. (9x14, Cells: 126) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Hafsteinn Kjartansson wrote on Sun, Jul 18, 2010 02:14 PM UTC:
I'm glad you asked. Yes, pawns do promote although I forgot to mention it. Their promoted form is the gold, as in Shogi.
The idea about the XS-chess pawns is that it is the shogi pawn (straight forward, capturing as it moves, promoting to gold), the xiangqi pawn (straight forward, captures as it moves, can move and capture one sideways upon crossing the river) and the chess pawn (one squere forward, captures one diagonally, can move two squeres forward on it's intial move. Can capture En-Passant forward (as the chess pawn only can move forward)). That becomes the XS-chess pawn: Moves one squere straight forward (all variants), captures as it moves (xiangqi, shogi) or one squere diagonally forward (chess), can move and capture one squere sideways after it crosses the river (xiangqi), can move but not capture two squeres forward on it's intial move (chess), promotes to gold (shogi) and can capture En-Passant forward only (chess) as the xiangqi pawn (who can move sideways after crossing the river) can never move two squeres at once, only the chess pawn can (and only forward). As pawns can move sideways after crossing the river, they can always move, no matter what. All those 'extra effects' makes the XS-chesspawn much more powerful than normal chesspawns, normal shogipawn or even normal xiangqipawn! I still say it is worth one point but in fact it should be three or four points...