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HiveQueen. Missing description (Cells: 61) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joe Joyce wrote on 2009-04-28 UTC
Congrats, Larry. I'm looking forward to playing another couple games with you. [Adrian, yes it is brilliant and baffling, and I'm not just talking about the zrf. :-)] 

This game plays nothing like Ultima [Baroque], but it is Ultima-like in that it strikes out on its own, away from 99+% of variants, the pieces are strongly differentiated, with unique powers, and, as there's nothing in the game that resembles a standard chess piece, tactics and strategy often require a little sideways thinking. 

Our two playtest games were very interesting but unbalanced*. Those games were far more active than I expected from the rules, with some surprising twists and turns. It sounds like you've pretty much kept the insanity. Good!
* pretty wild, actually