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Comments by Kerry Langford

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CHESSAGON. CHESSAGON┬« is like traditional Chess, but with Triangles, with one new additional piece named the Duke.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Kerry Langford wrote on Thu, May 3, 2018 01:16 PM UTC:

My brother and I are in the process of creating some pieces for the board that have more interesting moves and rules which could be used for variations on the basic Chessagon rules of play.  Chessagon is intended to be as true to traditional Chess as possible.  However, we have always had additional ideas for unique variations to the Chessagon game much like Seirawan Chess or Musketeer Chess. We always felt the Duke pieces was special because it accounted for a whole set directions of movement you get when playing on triangles that you don't have at all when playing on squares. It was geometrically necessary to account for it and include it in the basic rules of play for Chessagon.

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