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H. G. Muller wrote on Thu, Mar 14 07:34 AM UTC in reply to A. M. DeWitt from 01:20 AM:

However, I did notice a bug that causes the promotion choices to replace pieces on the squares they are shown on if you select something other than a promotion choice.

OK, fixed that.

Finding the mate threats is also significantly sped up in this version, by the use of a mate-killer heuristic: once it finds a checkmate it searches the same sequence of its own moves first in order to refute alternative opponent moves. As in large variants almost all moves do the same (namely nothing to address the problem), that makes their refutation almost optimal, and partly compensates for the slowdown by lines with checks in them being searched deeper.

The search algorithm now extends the depth a full ply for the first check evasion it tries, (at any depth, not just at the horizon), and half a ply for alternative  check evasions. After 1.j6 it now finds 1... SEn11 after 1.6, 3 of 4.6 sec at 1.5/2/2.5 ply. After 2.BGi6 it then finds 2... m11 in 12 or 33 sec (2/2.5 ply). After 1... o11? it finds VGn9! in 8.6 or 14 sec (2/2.5 ply). Not yet with a mate score, but because it sees the opponent has to sac its GG to push the mate over the horizon. At 3 ply it does get the mate score in 18.6 sec.

[Edit] Oh, and the Diagram had a bug. FD and +WB did not burn when capturing other FD, because there was one @ to few in their row of the capture matrix (for the empty square). Fixed that too.

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