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Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-08-06 UTC
ok i updated this game, and i think it is now better. i changed the
pawns/generals starting position, same amount though :) but it has allowed
me to add an extra 'flying comet' so i think the extra firepower is
pretty good.
it also makes it harder for the 'flying star' to exchange themselves
i have also added another variant, with a 'flying horse' .. moves as a
4-1 leaper alfil and king, she is a pretty bouncey little filly :) ..
could too a bit too dangerous for this game, (mate threats galore) but i
tried it once (lol) and it played good, it could be the best variant, so i
have added it as for testing yep :)
after you guys made your comments, i felt encouraged to go back and look
at the game, so i want to say 'thanks' ok :)
oh, if any editor reads this, can you add this game to the 'whats new'
section as being 'updated' thanks!

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