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Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2005-08-04 UTC
thanks for your comments guys :)
yes there are a lot of generals, it is true. when i finally got this game
playable, that is where i stopped, cause i was fried of it, so i am
guessing there is great room for improvement. i do see this game still in
the 'beta' stage. all advice is really appreciated.
those generals are not just there though, for defence. they are there to
actually cramp up their own army, to stop the flying pieces getting into
attacking positions straight away, and also, to cramp their own king, so
as to make it dangerous for their own king lol :)

i guess the idea of lots of generals, is to make it a real 'attack from
afar' game, not one where they 'scoot around the board' (the flying pieces)

interesting idea though about the 'only 6 generals', but the generals on
the 3rd rank i feel may be needed, it can quickly run to the center, and
therefore hamper the enemy flyingstar and flyingcomet from attacking
quickly. when those pieces come out fast, in combo with flyingmoon, they
can quickly mate.
the 4th rank pawn stops the flyingcomet from straight away coming out.
i know the generals on a2 j2 are just not required, but i also think of
how zillions plays, and zillions, being sometimes crazy, will move the
flyingsun from a1 to j2, unless it thinks for a minute at least sometimes,
and that is just a dumb move.
not mirroring yes interesting, you would have to change the kings also,
otherwise the flyingmoon could check straight away when it can move to 2nd
rank. i did briefly look at it, it could be a good idea, but it does
present some unexpected probs maybe, i am still somewhat fried with it
lol, so i didn't look for too long at the moment.
anyway, if you can present your best idea, in a saved game maybe and send
to me, or if anyone likes, that would be great, i am all up for the idea
of a future update, presenting different ideas to see what is best.

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