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Asylum Chess

This is a rules file for Zillions of Games, a Windows program that will let you play any puzzle or strategy board game you can feed it the rules to. With Zillions-of-Games installed, this rules file will let you play this game against your computer.

This zillions package includes the original Asylum Chess as well as some new games: Asylum Chess 2, Double Dose Snake Madness and Super Loony Long Jumps.

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Asylum Chess 2

This is the featured game of the zillions package and it showcases the pieces described below setup as in the diagram shown.
The board is set up as follows for the white side (black side will mirror this):

Rook on a1
Wazir Knight on b1
Bishop on c1
Insane Snake Bishop on d1
Mad Queen on e1
King on f1
Loony Snake Rook on g1
Bishop on h1
Ferz Knight on i1
Rook on j1
10 pawns from a2 to j2.

Note that the lower right square is white, and that kings occupy the same color square.

5 Ninja pawns to be dropped one per turn into empty space from a2-j2

The Loony Snake Rook can move like a rook OR it can move to the destination square by sliding along one of two unobstructed paths: 2 squares orthogonally followed by one diagonally outwards or one diagonal followed by two orthogonally outwards.

The Insane Snake Bishop moves like a bishop OR it can move to the destination square by sliding along one of two unobstructed paths: Two steps diagonally followed by one step orthogonally outwards or one orthogonal followed by 2 squares diagonally outwards.

The Ferz-Knight - moves like a knight or makes one step diagonally. The Wazir-Knight - moves like a knight or makes one step orthogonally.

The Ninja Pawns
This special pawn can move/capture like a regular pawn as well as move 1 space sideways. When in enemy territory it also captures 1 space sideways. It can move 1-multiple spaces toward the center and en-passant does not apply.
Up to 5 Ninja Pawns can be dropped (1 per turn) to an empty space on the 2nd rank, and you can optionally make the forward thrust to the center in the same move.

This game also features Flexible castling (King can move 1-3 or 4 on Q-side squares towards Rook), and a slight modification to the pawn's initial movement and en passant rules.
Note that both pawns and Ninjas Pawns can move forward multiple spaces towards the middle.

The second game, Double Dose Snake Madness, features the Mad Snake Bishop which moves like a bishop and also slides along one of two paths like the Loony Snake rook described above.

Super Loony Long Jumps features the Insane Sorcerer Bishop, which moves like a bishop OR leaps along path traced by one orthogonal and 2 diagonally outwards, and the Mad Leaping Rook that moves like Rook or leaps along path of 2 orthogonal followed by one diagonally outwards.

The unique Asylum Chess 2 is a must try for anyone!

Download Instructions

Instructions on downloading this Zillions file:

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