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Pychess is a free, open-source chess server designed to play several chess variants.

Currently supported games are Makruk, Makpong, Ouk Chatrang, Sittuyin, Shogi, Minishogi, Kyoto shogi, Dobutsu shogi, Gorogoro shogi, Xiangqi, Manchu, Janggi, Minixiangqi, Placement, Crazyhouse, Atomic, S-chess, Capablanca, Gothic, Grand, Shako, Shogun, Orda, Synochess, Hoppel-Poppel, Shinobi, Empire, Orda Mirror, S-house (S-chess+Crazyhouse), Capahouse (Capablanca+Crazyhouse), Grandhouse (Grand+Crazyhouse), and Chess.

Additionally, you can check the Chess960 option for Chess, Crazyhouse, Atomic, S-chess, Capablanca, and Capahouse to start games from random positions with Chess960 castling rules.

For move generation, validation, analysis, and engine play, we use Fairy-Stockfish, fairyfishnet, and lichess-bot-variants.

On client side, the user interface of the game board is based on chessgroundx.

The source code of the server is available on GitHub.

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